1,744 accidents reported at child care facilities in Japan in 2019


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I'm not surprised. At "Crayon Kids International", in Yachiyo, Chiba, there were a fair few accidents reported to me. They used to push tables and chairs against the only other alternate fire escape, forget to close the faulty front door (that was done by the school manager, in one of the incidents), which itself wouldn't always lock, etc. I saw staff preparing lunch near to dirty nappies, kids climbing makeshift barricades and all manner of safety problems. Wheneve they were reported to the manager, she said "It's ok" and then give some form of excuse.

I feel, with the dearth of adequate child care facilities in Japan, that there are many, badly run ones, receiving government money, to "fill the gap".

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Too many kids, not enough staff. Facilities inadequate or too small. Poor training and pay for staff.

One area that should be far more regulated than it is.

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A reason for the "spike" is that a more rigorous reporting system is in place.

We see the same thing happening in the marine and offshore industry.

There is a huge possibility that there are fewer incidences, just better reporting.

Our school calls us for even a small scrape or bump.

I would like to see the average per 1000 children incident rate and compared to other countries before pointing fingers.

Our school is doing a great job and is moving into a position that treats kids more independently.

There are just too many for one teacher and their aid to handle.

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@Open Minded - I divorced my wife when our daughter was 5 years old. I raised that girl, alone. I was able, for many reasons, to retire very early (no, I didn't win a lottery). I am VERY aware of childcare in my province of British Columbia. The only toddlers that have ever died here, while in childcare, had medical problems, except for one, in the past ten years, and the caregiver got sentenced to prison for ten years.

The children reported in this story who died were ignored by even the simplest-minded caregiver. No one, and I mean NO ONE should be looking after babies and small children without the qualifications of either professional care or successful parenthood. My daughter is now 33 years old, and truly a 'chip off the old block' when it comes to kids and putting THEM first.

What's happening in Japan isn't necessarily abuse of kids, it's negligence on the part of the people who make policy and who license those facilities for the sake of convenience (or tax revenue, under the guise of social design). This subject really, really pisses me off, and if I lived in Japan (as opposed to visiting for 6-8 weeks every year, except this one, obviously), I'd be doing my damndest to fry the butts of the people responsible for such disrespect for tomorrow's citizens.


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@Open Minded, I forgot, I guess I'm not as open-minded as you, eh??

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The system of today has made the best option, undesirable and unaffordable.

Stay at home mothers are now called "unemployed".

Mothers go to work and pay a daycare facility to shelve their babies, toddlers,

and children, missing out on their earliest formative years,

so more daycare centers can bring in more tax revenue.

The uniqueness of every child is neither important or cherished,

everyone the same, following the same rules from the beginning.

The time of childhood is no longer a time for nurturing and discovery,

but inconvenience.

What a sad commentary on the progress of humanity.

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@ Blue in green

What about fathers looking after their cherished kids?

Why should it be always mothers to do it?

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