Record 16% of male civil service staff took paternity leave in 2019


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6 months is necessary, otherwise very difficult and struggle for Mama if no grandparents to take care of.

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It's because they are civil servants..... wait that term HERE is dead wrong! They sure as hell dont "serve"!

It's because they are government employees that they can get away from their jobs for any amount of time, because they know it will be there when they get back!

I would be infinitely more impressed if these numbers were from the private sector!

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100% agree. Private sector still be around 2 or 3%, what a joke.

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My sister-in-law's husband is taking paternity leave for at least 6 months. I'm quite envious as I wasn't allowed any when my daughter was born.

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So the celebration is that 16% of eligible people took paternity leave? However, almost 70% took less than 1 month. So it can range anything from 1 day to almost a month.

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Wouldn't surprise me if 75% of those 16%, told their wives they were "going to work" but spent all day golfing, playing pachinko, or otherwise getting in some quality "me time".

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Make it mandatory, problem solved.

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Sooooo, what do they want? A cookie?

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Just so I understand this terrible written article:

That's 16.4% of all men who had a child in 2019 (i.e. 83.6% did not take a leave), not 16.4% all employees, right?

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