Record 196,000 students absent from school in Japan in FY2020


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Isolation but Smart kids. Great time off their school life.

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Bullying would seem to be reduced if students are not meeting face to face, but online bullying would probably increase. However, kids are back in school and not much has changed for the economy and other aspects of life, and the pandemic probably exacerbated any issues that may have already existed.

For some kids, school is the only safe and happy place in their life. So, some kids dealing with family problems or any problems at home might take out that frustration on themselves and their classmates.

Counseling or psychological support in schools are almost non-existent.

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The number of students reported as truant at high schools decreased by 7,049 to 43,051.

Who writes a sentence like this?

> Record 196,000 students absent from school in Japan in FY2020

Great. You could also say that airlines and hotels had record lows of customers. You could also say that mediocre shows like Tiger King were major successes because everyone was at home watching.......

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Maybe most of these students eventually realized that there was no point of physically going to school...

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The usual cut and paste reporting makes nothing clear. Are they talking about the impact of the pandemic? Are they talking about chronic absenteeism? Bullying? Impossible to know what this report is trying to say.

Rather than just throwing a bunch of facts at the page, try organising it and giving context that makes sense, so we know what the actual theme of the article is. If I want to eat a statistics salad, I can visit any government website. An article is meant to have a focus.

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Having seen how the junior high and high schools are here, this is the best thing that could happen to many kids. Instead of being forced to attend an oppressive school all day where their brains are pounded into submissive mush, they actually have time to relax, think and maybe even create.

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There are 35 kids in my daughter's class. Between 7 and 10 are absent every day. This has been going on for the past 6 months. The blame is on the parenting. I know I couldn't do that back when I was that age. If I didn't want to go to school I'd better go and get a job instead then.

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This has always confused me about school see school kids at all times of the day on the trains, walking around, in shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops etc etc......why aren't they in school? Why aren't they being MADE to be in school? Also while working in schools I often hear the "oh they don't come to school" excuse for why a kid isn't in my class....a lot! What do you mean, they don't come to school?! I've never seen a country so ok with non-attenders

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