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Record 96,000 households receive gov't support for rent amid pandemic


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extremely stingy yes ...woeful

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I can confirm that I wasn't one of those 96000

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A record 96,000 households

I think 1 in 6 children in Osaka don’t have lunch food.

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This is what happens when you don't take any measures in a pandemic and gamble on herd immunity and vaccine.

Look at Singapore for what should have been done. They had very high numbers and people had to stay home for couple of months, but now they are down to 3 cases today and the economic suffering is largely over .

If you do nothing you are in this endless limbo where people simply won't behave anywhere close to the way they behaved before, slowly, but surely ruining the economy.

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53,700 per month for a single-member household would still be a big help if your rent is 80,000 yen a month

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Of all the support things that are covered on this site, they always come very late. The Go To Eat campaign started today at noon. Not a single article covered it. Its great information for English readers that live in Japan. Everything is now sold out and the next one is on the 27th of this month. Great way to get discounts at restaurants in Japan.

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Who really has the money to go and buy overpriced food?

I can buy bowl of seafood on rice in Osaka for around 400 yen.Noodles with wakame, an egg, and a shrimp or two for 390 yen and sit down to eat it too for....390 yen!

I don’t need to spend money I do not have on frugality...

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Singapore: population 5.7 million. Japan: 127 million. Not a valid comparison.

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The support is really massive and In keeping with the status of the 3rd largest economy in the world.

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Unfair, how about foreign workers ???.

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I feel sorry for all in need.

Some people are happy with Go To Travel or Eat, and I would want to try it too. Although I keep thinking if in the time like this isn't it better to save that money for the future.

Many people are struggling and I would prefer the government to actually think how in a long run deal with this crisis by creating jobs.

Don't give them the fish, give them the rod so they can catch it by themselves.

Crisis didn't begin yet, stay safe, help each other. Cheers

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I can confirm that I wasn't one of those 96000

I think I speak for everyone when I say; "Thank God. At least anonymous internet poster Freddy Freeway is out of the woods"

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The government of Japan is already doing a lot more then the majority of countries.

-Giving out stimulus to all individuals including foreign residents.

-Travel cost for vacation paid, not everything but a majority of it.

-Vaccines working on it, all residents including foreign will receive it.

-Paid rent for those in need.

-Help businesses including small business operators.

Should the government do more? Yes

Should you appreciate the steps already taken? Yes

A lot of crying and complaining and not enough appreciation is what I see.

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Life is what you make it! It is what it is! Life goes on until its gone!!! Live with it!! No complaints here. The complaints that I would have I can't solve so why worry about them. I only what I can control what I can't control I let the so call expert worry about it. I'm just here living. It is what it is!!!

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Communism’s will save the day

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