Record 3,111 climbers stranded on Japanese mountains in 2017


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Beautiful pic of Mt. Akadake. It's on my list of mountains to climb. Have already completed over 20 here in Japan. Beautiful way to spend my weekdays off (weekends a bit crowded in many places). Based on what I have observed, too many people think they are going out on a picnic. Wrong clothes, wrong footwear, wrong routes, insignificant food and water supply. My wife and I always stay on routes marked by the Mountain Rescue Department, always carry two extra days of dry food, mini gas cookers, enough water to make it to the huts to resupply, compass and map (can't always rely on GPS) and we utilize the postboxes at different check points that the rescue teams check regularly. And we have hikers insurance. It can cost as much as 1 million JPY for a helicopter rescue. Think people and be safe.

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Oh and one more note. To the tourist, show some respect and bring your trash home with you! Don't throw in on the ground in the mountains please. Again my observation and even scolded some about it. Won't mention nationality but I'm sure you all have an idea. The rule is 'If you bring it to the mountains, you bring it out of the mountains.'

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The mountains here really are deceptively big and need to be treated with respect. It is easy to misjudge how long a route will take and also very easy to get lost without good climbing maps. As poster 1981 mentioned be prepared. This includes taking some form of shelter such as a bivy bag. I was always told when I was younger to be prepared to spend a night out even if you don't plan to. Exposure is the biggest killer. Stay safe people.

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The surge in Trekking Fashion hasn't helped, putting some inexperienced past where, and when they should be.

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Out of 3,111 stranded climbers, 121 (4%? my maths is rubbish) were not Japanese, then? That's quite a few foreigners who didn't know better.

So, 2990 were Japanese. That's an awful lot of local people who should have known better.

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With foreign tourists, a decent chunk will be people skiing out of ski resorts, some of it for the "I am a backcountry skier" badge of honour.

For people under 60, I wonder how many is people taking on the weather that has already been forecast.

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Beautiful place actually (Mt. Kita). The Minami Alps area and this area are one of my favorite parts of Japan. I can see how those unfamiliar with mountainous terrain can become disoriented. All it takes is a descent down the wrong ridge. More people visiting Japan and more Japanese going up into the mountains will logically result in more lost people.

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Unfortunately a lot of people don't want to skill up and head straight for the more famous peaks without sufficient experience. Also, having the right gear and fitness will have a big impact if you do get stranded. Assume the worst. Will you still be okay? If so, carry on. Otherwise, go/stay home.

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I hope taxpayers don't get stuck with the bill for these idiots. They should reimburse the full cost to the state.

Isn't that pic of Kitadake?

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Tried climbing up the trail near Yosemite Falls years ago without enough water; seriously misjudged the trail and my preparedness. Was smart enough to turn around a little more than halfway up. I can see how easy it can be to misjudge nature. Learned a good lesson that day. I am really interested in mountaineering and mans desire to test the limits of their endurance. I enjoy reading all of the amazing stories of personal sacrifice and physical struggle - from the comfort of my couch. I climbed up Mt Fuji once - I’m done.

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Cos gumbutteee often has no logic behind it and the population is ageing rapidly.

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Went twice to Oze National Park and on both occassions I saw an obachans/ojichans who can barely walk while we are on our way down to the marshland. Both times, I wondered how will theyclimb back when its time to go home. Both time, we saw rescue cars going to the marshland on our way home... maybe that's obachan's/ojichan's ride home.

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I know it costs a lot, but oldies should do something challenging. Before...

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Are there really good trails like in Hong Kong? Lots of Japanese go to Nepal for hiking hills and mountains, it must be very different feel.

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