Record number of foreign visitors come to Japan in March


The Japan National Tourism Organization says the number of foreign visitors to Japan during the month of March this year was 1,050,500, which is a 22.6% increase over 2013. It is also the highest ever recorded number of foreign tourists for the month of March.

The JNTO also announced that the total number of visitors for the first three months of this year was a record high of 2,874,500 people.

The highest number -- 208,500 -- were tourists from Taiwan. A steady increase of tourists from Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia was due to relaxed visa requirements, the JNTO said.

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If flights were cheaper to and from the states I'd be visiting every chance I could get. I miss living there big time.

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If anyone is coming to Japan...bring some HP sauce with you. I'll give you three times its value and you'll have a buddy for life!

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I have been seeing a marked increase in group tours from Malaysia, including women in head scarves. Good on the new halal tourism industry for working this niche!

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Good news I think...but I hope it isn't just because the yen is down, but for other reasons as well.

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Can't be the Chinese from China so where are these people and figures coming from?

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I met a lot of these same travelers while viewing the cherry blossoms near the Imperial Palace. This is the BEST season for foreign travelers to Japan. Would love to see a figure on the number of foreign travelers who visit Japan in July or August.

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I know that other countries keep records of how many tourists visit, it is common sense. But do they constantly release the information to the press! I almost feel like Japan is shouting "look at me, everybody likes me, they are coming to visit!"

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I'm very glad the government's tourism program "Youkoso Japan" is working! The economic and cultural exchange benefits are greatly needed to help support the Japanese economy right now. There are zero negatives for Japan from this program.

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Yes, 222 AFS exchange student - including me - came to Japan to spend an amazing one year here! :)))

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I hope they are just as excited about the "visitors" who stay, marry locals, increase the population, contribute to taxes and join community associations and well, do our bit.

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The highest number—208,500—were tourists from Taiwan. A steady increase of tourists from Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia was due to relaxed visa requirements, the JNTO said.

The reason? 4 words- AIR ASIA JETSTAR PEACH

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Considering all that Japan has to offer the number of tourists is very low. Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong have twice as many visitors. Macau, a mere city, has as many visitors as Japan. If Japan got used to seeing more foreigners, it might help the Japanese to experience the diversity of ideas in the international community. Then again, it might not.

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