Record temperatures for March recorded in 35 locations


The Japan Meteorological Agency said Tuesday that the average temperature for March reached an all-time high in 35 of 140 monitoring locations nationwide.

The agency said on its website that both east and west Japan recorded higher than the average March temperature by up to 6 degrees in some places. The record-breaking temperatures caused cherry blossoms to bloom earlier than normal in many areas.

The agency said the warm temperatures were due to high pressure systems hovering over much of the archipelago and warm air masses coming from the south.

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climate change

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so that is where the warmth went, here in Europe we've been freezing our behinds off since february...

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Perhaps global warming is true after all. Dr. K.shankar

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The U.S. has been unusually cold as well, but it's because the jet stream has been parked much farther south than usual for this time of year.


proves it is not related to Global Warming :)

Actually it could definitely be related to global warming. The temperature increase makes the atmosphere more active than normal, causing extremes on BOTH ends of the thermometer.

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Exactly what global warming scientists predicted: warmer summers, colder winters and a mess in-between.

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..and record low temp in April...proves it is not related to Global Warming :)

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