Recovery efforts continue in southwest Japan after heavy rain


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Many thanks to all of the emergency workers.

That scene looks like it was taken from the Somme.

Much respect first responders.

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I am staying in northern Japan afar from Kyushu, yet we had a torrential rain past couple of days. Meteorological agency warned us about floods and landslides which is very unusual here. It is snow that bothers us a lot. It snows one to two meters high in winter. However, I came to know this time snow is better than floods in view of hardships of people in Kyushu. Snow does not cause a situation "inundated above the floor."

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Really the emergency workers the SDF are doing a grear

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Great job. If I had a hat it would be off.

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Unfortunately, it has t finished yet....

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Im going to support them with my money as soon as I will get it from Go To Campaign I'm planning to visit Kyushiu! Throw some yen while travelling.

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July 11, 2020

I wish to extend my heartfelt prayers to those who are suffering from this terrible disaster. The pictures taken dramatically demonstrate the tremendous losses and the care and compassion shown by those seeking to assist those who have been adversely affected by this incident.

Although my wife and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, we feel so sad and wanted to share our Aloha with the people who are suffering from this horrendous natural event.

Thank you so very much.

Respectfully yours,

Mark Kazuo Bradley

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