Recovery work continues in northeast Japan after quake cuts water supply


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SDF, thank you!

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SDF to the rescue! If there's one thing Japan is very good at, it's in post-disaster repair and relief efforts

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Bless the SDF. Astonishing efficiency and speed in every disaster.

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Echo all saying positive things about the SDF and other emergency responders, plus anyone doing repair work of any kind.

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The Japanese are model citizens in times of crisis. No pushing or shoving or rioting like in other countries. Just quietly waiting your turn.

I have never seen a Japanese cut in line. I've only seen the Japanese apologizing when they inadvertently cut in line: oh, is this the line? Sorry about that!

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Actually, water bags are much better than rigid jugs. They are easy to carry and store when empty. You can keep an extra supply of water bags stored for a long time without using much space.

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Very very sorry.

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Japanese people are so resilient.

There is an old expression that the photo reminds me of,

It goes, "Water, Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."

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