Recycling of plastic waste from Gundam models gets under way


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Another ... Pay to "Recycle", for our Profits scheme... just like Apple's.

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How about giving some little money back to consumer to encourage recycling for a change!??

Japan is the only nation I have lived in where you have to pay someone to take your recyclables and get ZERO back, double income for the collector, and you get nothing in return.

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One of the biggest problem with gundam models is that literally millions of them are put together using dry sanding (to erase seam lines), and even when wet sanding is used (which catches the particles) builders will frequently dispose of the water down the sink. The kit's runners can be re-cycled or incinerated like any plastic products, but the sanding required to eliminate seam lines puts a huge amount of plastic micro-particles into the planet's air and water.

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Gundam Style...Whop Whop!!!!!

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Ridiculous PR attempt. Don’t make plastic junk so you don’t have to recycle it. Secondle all that “ recyclable” blabla is nonsense. Recyclable does not equal recycling. Less than 2 % of all recyclable products actually get recycled.

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A friends optician in the UK reckons that he is able to see a build up of micro plastics in the eyes of children whilst examining the retina-chilling!

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Bandai Namco is considering using some of collected plastic waste as test material for "chemical recycling," a cutting-edge technology that breaks plastic down into raw materials so that plastics with the same quality as those made from fossil fuels can be made.

Bit how green is the end-to-end (recycling bin to production-ready plastic) process?

What other, more sustainable materials could be used for Gundam?

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