Red tide kills 270,000 puffer fish in Nagasaki


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why i have to wake up to this news? fugu is one of my favourite foods. but i am shocked that such a high proportion is farmed. i wanna know what this red tide is. Is it from global warming, pollution, sasebo base? very interested. i guess i have to pay more...

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Goodlucktoyou. It is from plankton and high water temperatures.

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so global warming.

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Not a very informative article. Would like more commentary at least on the likely causes and background to this problem and whether it is getting worse.

Certainly the problem of nitrogen from agriculature and the formation of dead zones in the oceans IS becoming more of a problem but rarely receives the coverage it deserves.

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Goodlucktoyou - so global warming.

Oh, good grief boy! Google it FFS! It is a natural phenomenon that occurs irregularly throughout the world. There is no direct evidence to support higher sea temperatures or fertiliser-rich run off from farming causes it because it also occurs in clean and cool waters.

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