Remote Japanese island 'getting energy' from Vietnamese students


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Nice idea, but having just one nationality is not a good idea. They will hang out together in their free time, not speaking Japanese, while in those purpose-built dorms.

Why didn't the town go for a group of "international students" (a multinational/multicultural mix) that than "another nation's students"? Seems strange.

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Now, this is something that can definitely be called a win-win situation. Hopefully a lot of these kids will end up working or even staying in Japan. But no matter what though, this is still definitely a win-win situation for everybody.

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Why didn't the town go for a group of "international students" (a multinational/multicultural mix) that than "another nation's students"?

Answer: Cheap labour.

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I worked in a Sydney high school in the late 80's where 1/3 of the student body were Asians and the majority were Vietnamese. Great students and they were part of my inspiration to live in Asia.

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Answer: Cheap labour.

I see this comment again and again.

My Nepali friends are paid standard Japanese wages.

There is a mechanism to report underpayment and they all know of it throgh the grapevine.

Also, they are know permitted to walk out the door,

Companies that have underpaid in the past simply cannot get the labour that they need today,

On a small island as mentioned I very much doubt that underpayment would be the case.

In the industrial areas, overwork and underpayment still exist, but not on the scale that it used to.


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@ Gary,The only reason they are brought into this island is,

1.To fill in the gaps left by the younger  

  Japanese who go for greener pastures.

2.They are expendable.Will be kicked out

  once the economic situation gets bad.

3.Low unsustainable wages,that's why the

  younger Japanese don't want to be there

  in the first place.

4.Last but not least.Once these young

  Vietnamese start having babies,reports of  

  cases will start appearing here on JT

  about abandoned fetuses,arrests and

  subsequent deportation etc.and categorized as criminals.There are

  conditions set.Can't have families.

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There is no path to citizenship for these students and there never will be. The Japanese government will never allow an entire class of successful immigrants to threaten the power structure.

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I must agree with everything you said.

The backlash and backstabbing has already started regarding the Vietnamese.The media is awash in all of the animal rustling going on without pointing the finger at the real culprits,,,,the government and J-Inc for not not protecting these 'trainees' once they lose their income.

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The islanders only care for the cheap labour, it is a form of modern slavery.

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If the government had no problem expelling South Americans of Japanese descent brought here under similar conditions in the '80's and denying their children who were born in Japan the right to permanent residence - let alone citizenship - you can imagine what the future holds for any other group of foreigners brought here as an economic stopgap.

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They're definitely noisy!

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I hope these Vietnamese realize how they are truly viewed in this country

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Great opportunity for these young Vietnamese students and sounds like a win for the welcoming community too. Expect more of this in the future. Isseki Nicho! Two birds with one stone.

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I hope these Vietnamese realize how they are truly viewed in this country

Eh, they don't really care; they save up for X years and then go back to Vietnam and can buy a house and open their own business.

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