Remains of 3 people found in burned-out car in Yokosuka park


Police in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, said the remains of three people were found in a burned-out car at a park on Wednesday morning.

According to police, a local resident called 110 at around 1 a.m. and said a car was on fire in the parking lot of Kannonzaki Park, Kyodo News reported. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene and it took about 25 minutes to extinguish the blaze.

Police said the car was completely destroyed by the fire and the remains of three people were found inside the vehicle. Police said it appeared they were one adult male and two children.

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I hope it isn't another selfish and tragic murder suicide.

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Breaking Bad News. RIP

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What is going on omg

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STRESS the #1 killer

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Without knowing the facts, it seems like another selfish adult act.

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No one can deny things are not like the way they were before in Japan, once long renowned as one of the safest countries in the world.

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I imagine it will turn out to be a murder/suicide with the father using a charcoal burner in the car to kill himself and two children and it then went out of control setting the vehicle alight. I may be wrong but it won't change the fact that they are sadly all dead. I hope that the children at least were unconscious before burning to death.

Somewhere there is probably a grief-stricken mother.

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Harry_GattoSep. 21  11:34 pm JST

Somewhere there is probably a grief-stricken mother.

Or another victim.

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"kaimycahlSep. 21 09:45 pm JST

STRESS the #1 killer"

In agreement, but "stress" is just the beginning. FATAL DESPERATION is the finale... and taking the children with is the sign of utter hopelessness for Life itself. How much of this DESPERATION lies latent in people around us cannot, apparently, be known until horrors such as these emerge. But we are blind in our own self-absorption or, perhaps, our own desperation. Is it possible for such desperation to become a 'pandemic' when an entire society becomes desperate because of conscienceless parasites and/or disillusionment with the LIES that we subconsciously accept to keep going? Keep an eye on the ever more disUnited States... and cry for the children.

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Little ones RIP, I will pray for you can't even imagine the torture and painful death they faced at the hands of this disgusting killer.

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