Renal patient dies after doctor proposed ending hemodialysis


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This article is poorly written, as it makes it seem that the proposal to end treatment is the cause of the woman's death or due to her signing a letter of consent to end treatment.

I highly doubt that either of these are the cause of her dying.

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Erm... the expected result of stopping dialysis.  Suicide by failure to meet the body's needs.  Like starving onself to death, but in this case - suggested as an option by the doctor.  If she was terminal anyway, then maybe a reasonable suggestion - but if not, then medical negligence.  Of course still needing to be reviewed, which it seems is occuring, rather than it being hidden, which I do believe happens a fair bit.

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Based on the information in this report it is impossible to know what actually happened and has somebody done misconduct.

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Was this assisted suicide of sorts or doc negligence. Agreed this is poorly written article that brings forth more questions than it answers.

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Very sad situation. I understand dialysis is very hard and stressful on the patients.

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