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Snake on Yamanote line train cause commotion in Tokyo


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Snakes on a train? Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

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My worst nightmare. Japanese news said they finally found the snake upon a thorough inspection, hiding under the seats.

The obvious question is how did it slither inside the train, during cleaning and maintenance, or a lost pet?

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Sounds like something they will send a rookie cop to do.

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The big question is, did it have a valid ticket?

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The big question is, did it have a valid ticket?

No, it just slithered under the gates.

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When they caught the snake, it twisted up and shouted in dismay, "Ahh! Coiled again!"

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The reptile some how snaked its way on to the train unnoticed.

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Must be the story of a pet and it's irresponsible owner.

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Irresponsible Owner, lol.

Clearly you have not ridden a train outside of the Yamanote Circle.

Anywhere outside of the Magalopolis of Tokyo, there are literally hundreds is not THOUSANDS of tiny stations a snake could slide right onto the train.

Start with Chiba Prefecture.

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The snake was handed over to the police.

Poor little snake didn't have a leg to stand on

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Desert Tortoise -- But he can belly up to the bar.

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I have 3 species of snake in my garden that I see regularly….never once have I called the police about it, might give it a go next time.

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