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Researchers move step closer to oral diabetes treatment


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How about preventing it upstream rather than curing downstream?

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No money in that Get Real, but this is a good step in treatment after the fact.

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While this sounds like a good idea, I think the more viable solution is insulin absorbed through the skin by a skin patch. And that could become widely available within the next few years.

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Sound like this diabetes drug under research has great potential. The main research seems to center on obese people with diabetes, I wonder whether what will this do to slim people that also have diabetes given that this potential drug could result in weight loss.

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I think the more viable solution is insulin absorbed through the skin by a skin patch

To my understanding, an insulin is the last option when everything else failed. Once we are placed, we have to be on Insulin forever. No kidding.

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To be able to do away with the needle would be an amazing breakthrough for those with diabetes.

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Great idea and if it works then some people will be able to feast away!

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How about doing away with diabetes through public awareness?

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Doctors say the incidence of Type 2 diabetes has rocketed over the last few decades, a factor they blame largely on the growing number of overweight people.

It must be a silent epidemic in Japan. I was read a story a while back that it was exploding in India due to dietary changes. Japan must be in the same situation with the amount of larger people we see walking around here these days, and with the availability of soft drinks, chocolate, fast food etc etc, not to mention fewer people keeping the traditional diet.

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I got an oral diabetes treatment:

eat less and more healthy food.

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And what about Type 1 ...?

Perhaps I missed it, but the article does not state if this oral drug will be effective for Type 1.

Once, while assisting my grandson with his insulin injection (he was diagnosed last year at age 11 with Type 1) my injection technique had obviously caused him some pain. I apologized for hurting him and he replied, "It hurts. It always hurts. It always will."

There is very promising work being done in Finland that might lead to a vaccine, but a cure .... who can say how long that will take.


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The cause disease was ingested through the mouth, it was only natural that the cure went in the same way.

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Wouldn´t an "oral diabetes treatment" not simply be: "Eat less"??? It seems absurd to concoct a cure for a self-inflicted disease.

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WilliBNov. 04, 2013 - 04:45PM JST

Wouldn´t an "oral diabetes treatment" not simply be: "Eat less"???

Nooo!! It is a myth. Some are diabetic while they eat less.

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The article stated ,,,, The less common kind, Type 1, is characterised by the body not producing enough insulin. It can be treated by daily injections, but cannot be cured. ......

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Yes, I did read that Toshiko-san, but I was hoping they would have more information on this drug's efficacy with regard to Type 1.

Ah well, we shall continue to live in hope for an effective alternative to insulin injections.

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My younger brother just died, diabetes Type 2 if I'm not mistaken was one of the killers. But all the drugs in the world are renderd useless if we eat too much crap junk food, drink crap coca cola etc, smoke never excercise etc..

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Where have these people been? Alternative doctors, writers, health people and researchers have figured out the cure for this in the last decade!! View: 'Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y41BDg1bBo8

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A few years ago, I went to annual physical check up, the doctor had too check me over and over all day long. My sufar level was top but it went down every time I was checked. By the evening normal. I was hungry, then, Doctor asked how much helloween candies I ate previous day. So, I said all day long more than 5 full size bags instead of meals. I was not diabetic, I found. Since then, I stopped eating chocolate before check up. I have been healthy all my life so I did not know chocolate and candies cause sugar level high. I will not be surprised something will be invented for Type 1 very soon the way researchers worked on this/

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Toshiko, i love candies, chocolates and beer but now im trying to cut down on all of these to stay healthy and also a bit of excersise all better for our health, right??

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Toshiko, i love candies, chocolates and beer but now im trying to cut down on all of these to stay healthy and also a bit of excersise all better for our health, right??

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