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Researchers to conduct major Japan ocean microplastics survey

By Amélie Bottollier-Depois

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They should leave the research until after the the J-Gov has released the millions of tons radioactive water from Fukushima and they can also test how many radioactive isotopes have been absorbed by the micro plastics.

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I have a better idea - how about not releasing radiation-contaminated water into the ocean? Isn't it the heart of Japanese virtue not to inconvenience its neighbors?

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The old delay by research strategy. Nice! As if others in the world don't know the effect already. Time for bolder action by the J-governments. Does the ban on free plastic bags mean stores can just charge a yen or two? And only a 25% reduction by 2030. The infamous too little too late move Japan could patent.

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Romain Trouble


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Good Job, Japanese Science saving lives.

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If they don't have the data already, then yes, this research is important.

It sounds like the two biggest pollutants in the Arctic are varnishes, washed off ships, cars, buildings etc, and tyre debris. Microfibers from synthetic clothing, I live in fleeces and thermal underwear all winter myself, are also a big problem. Plastic bags could be an easy fix, but there are only a tiny part of the problem.


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Japan has a long way to go to rid the country of single use plastic bags, wrappings and bottles. I’ve been living back in Australia for a while now and plastic bags are rare treasure coz they are so hard to get.

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Good for them.

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