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Researchers uncover little-known internment camp for people of Japanese ancestry


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We had to learn about this in school when we were like 9. The book was called "Farewell to Manzanar". A famous Japanese-American guy named "Larry Shinoda" actually lived in the Manzanar camp (which isn't talked about in the book). Later on after getting out of the camp he went on to help create 3 of my favorite classic muscle cars, the 1963 Corvette, 1968 Corvette, & the 1970 Mustang Boss.

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So a Chinese-American is doing this research.

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“We want people to know what happened, and make sure we don’t repeat the past,” said anthropology professor Stacey Camp, who is leading the research.

Get some more coffee!

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Remember big spy CHEN! Had he been confined somewhere building highways there wouldn't be top secret leaks.

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It's nothing to do with what Japan did. It's someone in the US trying to piece together what life was like for those who were forced to live in that camp. And it seems safe to say that the Japanese government certainty isn't funding this.

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"Muslims, she said Thursday, "have been put on FBI lists and detained in the same way my grandfather was."

Is that right?!?!? So innocent residents of the US are now being shipped off to labor prison camps just because they're of Muslim heritage? Wow! Where are these camps? What are they called? Now this is a HUGE piece of news.

I didn't know this. But then, I'm not an "expert" like she is.

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I don't believe this story. I think someone is trying to get attention and making up things to get money out of the US government.

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Call a spade a spade, please. These places were gulags on US soil. The people were prisoners. And crucially, 2/3 of them were US citizens whose Constitutional rights were openly and blatantly trampled, no Due Process, nothing.

Were citizens of German, Italian descent imprisoned as well? Not to my knowledge, but some may have been I suppose. Just as the ethnic Germans and Italians had nothing to do with the machinations of Hitler/Nazis or Mussolini's fascists, neither did the ethnic Japanese with Hirohito/Tojo's Imperial forces.

I wish more Americans were better informed of the oppressive history of their own government, and not blindly believe the fairy-tale story of American government as a benevolent force.

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If only Japan would make more efforts to be honest about its own past. Thumbs down if you want but most people around the world agree.

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Were citizens of German, Italian descent imprisoned as well?

Yes. German and Italian Americans were also interned during WWII (see http://www.foitimes.com/internment/history.htm, https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/quwby or Google "german italian internment camps"

While not defending the wartime practice, Googling "german italian internment camps" will show many countries, e.g., Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, etc., ran similar internment camps during WWII (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_concentration_and_internment_camps.

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@Thomas Anderson: The article does not state "Chinese American;" Where you got info? O can not find. Thanks if you can point out in the above article.

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