Residents file suit to block burning of radiation-tainted waste in Miyagi


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"The agreement was a strong message that we would protect the environment for future generations," said 79-year-old Tadaetsu Abe

That became a moot point once the reactors started melting down.

I am relieved to know the lead plaintiff is 79 years old. Without knowing the age, we can't understand the issues. It's simply a fact.

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6000 tons to be burned!? In the open air? Burn it at Tepco headquartes and the ministry that approved a nuclear power plant with a low seawall and generators in the basement. By telling the towns it is their responsibility to handle the waste is just beyond incompetance it it immoral. It it not the municipalities waste, it is Tepco’s. Burn it in Tokyo!

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Burning radioactive waist? Are you joking? Just when you think stupidity has reached its level. I actually don't have the capacity to understand the stupidity of this. Best I count turtles and pretend all is under control.

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It’s being burnt in Osaka. Who knows where else. Also dumped in the sea. Everything should be contained in Fukushima. Fukushima citizens should be given new home away.

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MichaelBukakisToday  08:32 am JST

“6000 tons to be burned!? In the open air?”

No, not in the open air. In three different local waste incinerator facilities.

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Open air or not it's radioactive? Really dangerous in or out of open's such a stupid idea. No room to bury it then don't use Nuclear power. Have a half life well this stupidity halfes how many lives?

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Yamaguchi took more waste than anywhere else. Residents are opposed to the burying of it, but the prefectural government doesn't give a crap.

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Open air or not it's radioactive? Really dangerous in or out of open air

Not hardly. That is like saying aspirin is really dangerous because you could overdose. We are all safely exposed to radiation every day, from bananas to Brazil nuts to granite countertops. Flying gives more radiation dose. Climb a mountain or just live at a higher altitude and you get more radiation.

As Paracelsus said in the 16th Century, 'All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison.'

Many everyday things, like aspirin and even water, are toxic in high doses but safe at low doses. And this applies even to radiation.

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If something is radioactive enough to be considered dangerous, what could be wrong with disposing of it by putting it into the atmosphere? It's not as if we have to breathe the air.

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Of course the idea is to spread the risk all over Japan so everyone contributes a bit of “Ganbare!” to the cause. Does anyone trust TEPCO or the authorities on this disaster any more? Who knows what is being covered up, and how many “apologies” will be issued in future. Good to see some locals taking action but I fear it will be too little too late. Radioactive material has already been sent all over Japan. Does anyone really believe that the radioactive content is safe? I feel sorry for the Japanese people who deserve better. As usual, cultural norms deter most people from sticking their necks out to question or protest. And the rest of the World stands by idly.

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Yes, open air! Incinerator or not. Radiation is not like plastic which if burned over 1000c will not emit dioxin. Radiation is radiation, it will travel near and far.

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