Revised law enables surprise inspection of nuclear plants


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Incredible! First, that until now there has not been such regulations, despite several nuclear power plant accidents since the mid-1970s. Second, that the new regulations will not go into effect until 2020.

Perhaps a more serious issue remains: Safety standards with regards to earthquake risk are still poor.

In 2015 Professor Katsuhiko Ishibahi of Kobe University warned that the NRA had approved the Sendai nuclear power plant by ignoring these earthquake risks. And in 1997 he wrote an article in Japan's Science Journal that exactly predicted the kind of disaster we saw at Fukushima in 2011.


All I can say is, glad I don't live in southern Kyushu anymore. Kyushu Electric will be the next TEPCO.

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Wow that comes with surprise since PM Abe is so pro nuclear. It’s also a surprise didn’t exist prior to the 3/11 nuclear disaster. Third surprise is why wait until 2020.

Give the NRA unlimited access to Data will mean the power utilities will just keep off site.

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Given that the government is so invested in nuclear Power, including a 51% share in TEPCO, I really wonder how thorough their inspections will be, and how "without warning". I'm thinking this is just more lip-service.

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Just because this law was enacted does not mean it will happen. Like with too many other things here, the ability to do something does not equal anyone actually carrying it out.

No one is going to actually do this, until the NEXT accident.

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Not now, but 2020. This means they plan to open a lot more before then.

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"Have to act fast. Need to hide all the evidence...and only got three years to do it! Gonna be busy lads! Lots to do!"

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2020! biggest heads up ever?

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Need to hide all the evidence...and only got three years to do it!

I don't think 'hide' is the best choice of verbs, Possibly, 'fabricate' would be a better choice.

Three years notice of a 'snap' inspection? It doesn't seem to 'snappy' to me.

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Gosh, . . I wonder why I am so cynical regarding things nuclear.

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