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Robot cat Doraemon receives residency in Kawasaki


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If he needs some cash I'm sure there would be a few Neko Cafe's trying to recruit him!

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Can you get a retirement pension when you are negative 100?

I reckon he's got about 170 years to wait for that, but by then Japan will be well and truly broke!

But, my question is, does he have to pay ward tax?

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Kawasaki?? God I love Doraemon!! Or Robotin Is its known in Latin America!!!

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I can't help but think how this mocks people trying to get a residency permit but a manga cat can get one

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Time travel is nothing new in Japan! I've always felt like I was stuck in the 70's living here. Doraemon is pretty cool though and I enjoy watching him with my kids.

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I like him too.

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I want a doko-demo-door!

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i will buy dragoon ball robot if he learn me martial arts with movement.

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