Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Fukushima plant

By Kimimasa Mayama

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To start in 2021. I guess they can't risk emitting higher levels of radiation into the air prior to the Olympics. I bet things will more much faster after the Olympics.

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There are hundreds of tons of melted fuel!

At this rate, it will be thousands of years before the area is decontaminated !

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It’s sad to remember that this happened nearly 8 years ago by now. Little to no progress made, I guess this really is going to be a several generations long issue sadly.

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What do they plan to do with the melted fuel...???

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100 - 200 gms of small fuel pebbles lifted 5 cm, that's a start. Now extrapolate that to 5-6,000 kg of fuel embedded with some 100s of tons of concrete and metal - the corium - that needs breaking up and then lifting maybe 30 metres, and moving another 50-100 metres to a safe container, without irradiating staff; that is the reality of what must be done.

Next plan...

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Years, decades, centuries .... that is the question.

And what a tremendous success ..... some pebbles, 5 cm ..... that must have been quite an act.

Can hardly wait to see what will be next on this on-going agenda, I mean a mere 8 years until now and nothing (of real importance) has happened.

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Im not real smart but i think moving the contaminated water inland would be a good idea before another tsunami wave washes it all back on to the land and into the ocean.

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So basically ZERO progress after 8 years. Shame Tepco! I see nobody being acused or jailed yet for that fiasco.

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Step by step one gets to Rome.

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Great..! A good first step.

No other nation or company has been able to use and control a robot under those circumstances to even start such a cleanup effort. It will be a step to develop better technology not only for Japan's Fukushima, but for any other reactor world over that may face a similar cleanup problem.

In any case, this was not Chernobyl. Regardless of opinion, the problem is now and must be addressed without having to place blame. The key is to have it done safely and without any further harm to people and nature.

I wish them well... keep it up.

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