Rocket with Japan's first commercial satellite lifts off


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each launch to make its program competitive. going to find it tough to compete against the Russians, they make a good cheap rocket with 60+ years of experience

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How nice it is! Well done!

To compete with Russians? ...are you kidding me?!

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To compete with Russians? ...are you kidding me?!

What do you mean? The Russians are very experienced and competitive in this business.

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To compete with Russians? ...are you kidding me?! Russians have developed rockets and missiles for over 60+ years and have thousands of them. Theyve spent billions on R&D and certainly know how they work better than Japan does. And they can develop them relatively cheaply. Now compare that to Japans high cost H-IIA rocket, Yes Japan will need to compete with Russia, since they already have plenty of the world market for rocket launches

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Due to Japan being so far North, it is not very cost effective to launch. But the four new boosters are very efficient compared to the two they first started with.

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