Roller coaster malfunction leaves 30 people stranded at Osaka's USJ


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People being stranded in midair may have had a tough time in a prone position. Lucky that no injuries were reported.

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What was the object? We will never know.

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One or two potentially dangerous issues per week is worrying. Should these not have been designed out? Triggering of the ride's safety systems should be a last resort control measure. Were I a theme park public relations official I wouldn't be so relaxed in that admission.

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Anyone who has been to both know that USJ is like a land lost in time, it's exactly what Universal looked like in the US 30 years ago.

USJ needs serious renovations and updates, not just quickly built tie-in "attractions" to Japanese idols or manga properties.

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The roller coaster regularly makes emergency stops, as often as once or twice per week, as the park's policy requires the ride to halt whenever a potentially dangerous issue is detected, according to the official.

Probably somebody snuck a phone onto the ride and was filming while riding.

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I've been to many theme/amusement/rollercoaster parks and these incidents are very common. Not newsworthy, except in Japan maybe.

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