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Russia's ambassador to Japan pays respects at Hiroshima

By Elaine Lies

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One might not think about what happened almost a hundred years ago. One should think about what is happening now.

7 ( +18 / -11 )

He said it with a straight face!? Maybe he meant he supports their reduction in other countries. Anyways, it's a good trolling.

"I came to show Russia's positive attitude towards the reduction of nuclear arms," he was quoted as saying, adding that the absence of an invitation to Saturday's ceremony "ignored this".

6 ( +19 / -13 )

This is the same country who has openly threatened to use nuclear weapons several times this year

7 ( +22 / -15 )

How about paying respects to the tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians - many of them children - that have been murdered by your fascist government so far this year?

SIck, fascist hypocrite.

8 ( +27 / -19 )

He should beg to visit Kiev to lay flowers for the Ukrainians murdered by Putin's invasion.

I would not want him in my country laying flowers for the dead when his nation is killing so many on a daily basis for territorial expansion. A bit sickening to be honest.

11 ( +24 / -13 )

Just a PR stunt, trying to look so good.

Go to Ukraine, lay your flowers there for those who were butchered by your countrymen!

8 ( +21 / -13 )

If Ambassador Galuzin is a sincere, honest and good man, then Putin will definitely purge him.

1 ( +12 / -11 )

The Russians are 嘘うそ泣き(faking crying), see how they killing innocent Ukrainians with nuclear weapons !.

-4 ( +9 / -13 )

Forget about whatever cockamamie bull he spouted. Has anyone checked to make sure nothing valuable is “missing”?

6 ( +14 / -8 )

Thanks to the Russian ambassador for paying respects to the victims of this breathtakingly shocking war crime.

-8 ( +11 / -19 )

Very Smart ambassador and staff, who ever made the decision NOT to invite him must have felt as little as his decision, you can't promote peace when you shut the doors in its face.

-4 ( +8 / -12 )

We should always remember the innocent people killed in Hiroshima

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Shame to Japan & respect to Mr Galuzin.

-19 ( +6 / -25 )

My question is....

What the heck is he still doing in the country?

Kick him OUT!

16 ( +20 / -4 )

mz16Today  07:46 pm JST

Shame to Japan & respect to Mr Galuzin.

No shame to Japan at all. Japan is not killing civilians daily.

Shame on Russia and itls represetative Galuzin.

10 ( +17 / -7 )

Thanks Russia...

SIck, fascist hypocrite.


-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Why am I not surprised that JT's moderators eliminated my comment (first, by the way) but which many others have expressed?

Pretty sick moderators.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

We must always remember the 150 000 innocent people of Hiroshima who could be with us!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

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