Russian bombers violate Japanese airspace, prompting ASDF scramble


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This kind of thing happens all the time no big deal

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Iran would have shot them down.

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Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet too, I seem to recall, for straying over a corner of her airspace.

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If its not Beijing stalking the Senkaku islands, Japan has crazy Cossacks in Tu-95 bombers to contend with.

Not to mention the North Koreans Pirates plundering Japan fishing waters.... shiver me timbers what next.....

Only Koreans from the South with ever more outrageous extortionate demands for belligerent retribution.

If only the Isles of Japan could drop anchor and drift to a more congenial haven.

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Two ASDF fighters "escorted" the bombers during parts of the over 14-hour flight of the Russian aircraft, according to the Tass report.

Isn't supposed to be 14min flight, 14-hour flight seems strange to me.

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14 hours flight near the Japanese airspace? That was really a long time of  flying ! It is a political message sent to Abe from Mr.Putin!

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Isn't supposed to be 14min flight, 14-hour flight seems strange to me.

They're referring to the total flight time. That involves leaving from and returning to Russian territory, which at the southernmost point in the Russian Far East is around the same latitude as Sapporo. Most of the flight would skirt rather than cross Japanese airspace, and would not cross the airspace of other countries (North Korea, South Korea) either.

If you add up expected flight times for the probable distance covered, 14 hours is completely unsurprising. Those aircraft have a cruising speed of about 350 mph; it would take them a minimum of 3 hours to get to Okinawa, the next sighting was near the Izu islands south of Tokyo 90 minutes later. If they returned to the same base, getting that far alone would need a return trip of at least 10 hours, and in any case there's no reason to suppose they simply turned around there and retraced their route.

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