S Korean severs part of his finger and mails it to Japanese embassy


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According to the article, he actually did this twice!

I think this is about much more than this man's desire to give the finger to the Japanese government. I think he needs serious help.

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I have heard of giving someone the finger, but this is going just a bit too far!

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Just couldn't put a finger on a solution...

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I thought the Japanese sending empty bullet casings was stupid. But I have to admit the South Koreans have them beat here.

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Crazy mofo

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The ROK needs to strap this guy into a parachute and drop him into North Korea. Imagine the chaos he would cause to li'l Kim and the rest of the thugs in Pyongyang? If he'd cut off his finger over a few rocks in the ocean, I wonder what he would cut off to protest the Norks kidnapping and murdering hundreds of South Korean citizens?

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Care for your own body. It is more important than criticizing Japan by such a crazy way.

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Better he mutilate himself instead of taking it out on innocent animals as S. Korean protesters have done in the past.

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Why not just divide those silly litle islands in half between them. And what do you suddenly Japan might even have a small land border to a neighbor country. Might be a good way to practice neighborly relations for both of them.

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Takeshima belongs to Japan. Protesting by sending his severed finger to the Japanese Embassy is useless. This man belongs in a mental hospital.

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Hope he had trouble sealing the envelope, if he's going to be that stupid.

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He can only carry on with his silly stunts for so long... He'll eventually run out of fingers to hold the knife.

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It was unclear what month he sent the finger to the embassy.

August 2011, i guess. for precise timing why not confirm with Japanese embassy in Seoul?!

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Another nationalist, most countries have them.Don't put them in the same frame as the rest of the population.This part of the world its a media sport to keep past mistakes permanently in the news. There is the United Nations all sides could use in these disputes, but they don't, you have to ask why.

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He needs help. If they just let him roam free he might cut another finger off. 2 times! wow

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he sent it to the embassy by delivery service...It was unclear what month he sent the finger to the embassy.

Err... Postmark?

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Should they just send bullets, like the Right-wingers do to politicians?

Anyway, if this guy has ever travelled anywhere outside Japan in the past couple of years wouldn't they have his fingerprint on file (via the machines at airports/ferry terminals)? They could just check the finger, if it's not too badly decayed, for a print and see if there's a match. Not sure what they would do when they caught the guy, since a finger isn't really a threat, but still.

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Looks like he did it Yakuza style so that the Japanese would understand.

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Stoopid and next time head should cut off his head, that'll get him the attention he so badly wants.

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The balance of world sympathy just took a swing against his country.

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Don't down Kim Chi or Koreans in general Wurthington it's got nothing to do with this incident. This is ONE man's protest to recent history and current events.

Many Koreans suffer from mental illness of some sort. No amount of defending them would help when you see what they do when they protest:

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You claim many Koreans suffer from mental illness. Just a tip I have seen more NQR's in Japan than Korea.

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why korean are crazy?

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wow, yeah completey Stupid! never mind North Koreas threats & actions lets focus on some useless Rocks. VERY STUPID!

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Raymasaki, I agree wit you on this issue. Japan should drop claim to the rocks. Why well in the over picture they are not worth the ill will of the Korean people. Second Japan did not protect the rocks. About this guy, he needed mental help after the first time. Hope he gets it now.

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During that protest, he again cut off the same portion of his left little finger.

Again???? Wooow that was cool.

Well. Choi is not the only one, some years ago S Koreans went on a ship to the disputed islands to demonstrate and did this mass finger cutting thing out of despair and anger. Koreans are very hot-tempered, impetuous people, I saw on TV they beat up each others for good in the parliament during the debates and then the losers collapse and wallow on the floor crying . If he always cuts off his little fingers or his little something when disappointed he will run short.

Better not to disappoint Choi, once in a fit of depression him will cut his head.

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Self mutilation wont solve anything. Mr. Choi is old enough to realize this. It's not like he's part of the sindicate or anything so his mutilation serves no purpose.

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Don't down Kim Chi or Koreans in general Wurthington it's got nothing to do with this incident. This is ONE man's protest to recent history and current events.

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Korea produces hyper-nationalists.

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What crimes did this man has committed? he wasnt asking for money or threatening of violences....he should be awarded as 'national hero of Korea'! The japanese sent swordsmen to kill the Japanese late Queen in 1909, this is unforgivenable and will lead the hatred lasing many generations!

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sorry...wrong tyoung: The Japnese sent swordsmen to kill the Korean late Queen 'Lees' in 1909.......

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Mr Choi shouldnt provide any donations for the 311 tsunami from the begining than he shall never lost his finger! Dont be fooled by the media regarless whatever havoc you saw in japan,be smart, next time!

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Typical Korean... they'd cut of their nose to spite their face. Is it the Kimchi you think?

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