S Korea to keep import ban on Japan seafood due to Fukushima concern


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After Japan starts releasing radioactive Fukushima water into the Pacific Ocean, the seafood import ban would be expanded to all of Japan's seafood from Japan's eastern coast.

There was no other option for Yoon; if he let Fukushima seafood in, his party would be wiped out in elections by angry voters.

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There's relation between Fukushima and Cancer

So if other country will try to ban food from Fukushima, it's understandable.

So far those tainted water is not 100% being taking care.

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It’s not a ‘concern’

It’s a real ‘danger’!

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Never ever touch anything from Fukushima or neighbouring provinces.

Even if there will be shortage of food due to the Russia - Ukraine war.

This food is just dangerous for your health.

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My wifes family who lives rn Aomori is very concerned with this and what it will do to fisheries in sourrounding Perfectures. They live right on the coast of Shimokita Hanto and very tired of this issue. They are even thinking of leavlng Tohoku and moving to Ishikawa directly due to this.

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It's estimated to take decades to finish releasing/dumping all the contaminated radioactive water into the ocean.

Bad for the environment and the economy.

Very irresponsible !

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If one of the Korean Olympic athletes can eat food from Fukushima, anyone can.

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Japan has no interest in Korean markets.

Please also ban Korean nuclear power plants on the coast from releasing spent water into the Sea of Japan. It must be contaminating sea water and foods as well!

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Please also ban Korean nuclear power plants on the coast from releasing spent water into the Sea of Japan. 

Well, the Korean response is that they aren't doing that because Sea of Japan doesn't exist.

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The S. Korean government knows that the Japanese sea food is safe, but it is a political issue. Most people are not so much rational around the world.

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At least some countries care about their citizens.

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All nuclear power plants along the continental coast from China to Russia pour tritium-tainted water into their seas daily, and Russia dumped many of their old submarine nuclear power plant cores into the Japan Sea, so perhaps anyone genuinely worried should give up seafood altogether.

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