S Korean cultural exchange group gives award to Japanese researcher


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Nice to see something positive between South Korea and Japan. It is small but it is in the right direction.

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Agree with Peter14, anything that contributes to better understanding and exchange between the two can only be to the good of both.

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Now let’s see Japan reciprocate.

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Agree with those above (except kurisupisu -- no need to reciprocate unless it is deserved, of course). This is something to celebrate, not knock or question simply because you may have issues with one or both countries. We need more grass-roots cultural and historical exchange.

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S. Koreans do not hate Japanese people. Simply the majority of them oppose some policies of the Japanese government. They clearly tell between the government and the people. I have never heard that any hate crime happened against Japanese people in S. Korea.

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Maybe checking out the definition of ‘reciprocate’ might stop misunderstandings?

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