Safety of Fukushima waste water focus of sea release debate


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“We should not dump the water until we have proof about its safety,” she said. “The government says it's safe, but how do we know?"

The IAEA, a large majority of experts and science community also support the release plan. In fact, most active nuclear power plants worldwide discharge (diluted) waste water into seas or rivers as part of normal operations. The current stored water is also risky and inhibiting factor for plant dismantling. It's impossible or extremely costly as well as tedious to seek perfect, zero-risk safety.

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Do the math. This tritium contaminated water is just a drop in 1000 Olympic size pools.

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Do they have a choice .... or it’s diabolical liberty.

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Thanks Japan

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we can trust politicians and the nuclear industry...they would never lie to us...and energy companies too...

real trustworthy !!

and of course we can trust the LDP!

they are almighter than God himself!


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Many articles suddenly on the nuclear disaster?

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Many articles suddenly on the nuclear disaster?

Look at your calendar!

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Make a huge artificial lake to release the water.

Get tourist money by showcasing it.

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Strontium 90, present in this supposedly filtered water, is absorbed into the bones where it emits beta radiation, zapping you from the inside. But don’t work on the problem, just wait until the next big disaster removes the need for a solution.

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Folks as I have been saying from the beginning right after 3\11 this water WILL end up in the ocean, we cant stop it, only delay & select the time to do so. If Japan holds it on land eventually mother nature will do her thing & water will be released in trickles, flows & possibly by another large quake. But this water will get into the ocean

Seriously, do these officials REALLY think a bit of fresh water added to water discharged from tanks into the OCEAN is going to help dilute the discharge...…….

Officials say the treated water will be diluted with fresh water before it is released into the environment.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry......


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