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Safety panel urges Fukushima nuclear plant operator to better communicate with public


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can someone help by asking the Chernobyl plant operators better communicate with the public? it has been a long long long long long time since i last heard the news about Chernobyl

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for those curious about Chernobyl, yes the issues is not solved and the reactor 4 is still leaking radioactive waste. Maybe Japan can just follow Chernobyl and build a sarcophagus to cover the site, then it is end of story already. After that there will be no one complaining and grumbling unnecessary. Too honest and too much info, put the Tepco under spotlight for those who have ill intention about Japan

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LOL. What are they supposed to 'communicate'.

'Ya, We've been siphoning off the most contaminated water straight from the melted cores into the sea for years.' Won't go far to appease people. Hahaha!

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Causes are falsehood or deception or dishonest of Japanese electric power majors who always try to conceal or trivialize nuclear problems during decades, not communication.

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See? This is why communication makes no difference to public.

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The nuclear power industry has a history and culture of lies, falsifying and/ or deletion of data, cover-ups, and generally hiding what really goes on from the general public.

The utilities are shielded from legal claims from the plant workers through 6-7 layers of personnel agencies, all disclaiming any responsibility for any wrong doings, plausible denial for the top layers.

A well-meaning urge from an expert panel will have little to no effect on the ingrained corporate culture.

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Urge? How about ordering them to be more communicative with the public......Ridiculous.

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They need to threaten senior management with jail time! Sadly we all know though that Japan inc never jail's the big shots!

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