Harley Davidson bikers dressed as Santa Claus ride their motorbikes during an annual toy run parade to rev up the holiday spirit and rally against child abuse, in Tokyo on Sunday. Photo: REUTERS/Issei Kato

Santa Claus bikers ride in annual Tokyo parade against child abuse

By Akira Tomoshige

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Met a guy in KitaKyushu a few years ago.

Invited me to the first ever VIBES Biker Meet / Camp Out...it was freakin’


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Awesome! How can I join?

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Great job guys!

In some other developed countries, it would now be illegal for them to gather in a group...

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Keep up the good work guys! Thanks for making a difference

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The number of child abuse cases in Japan per month rose up to 20% between January and March versus the same period last year, as more families spent time at home because of the pandemic, the daily Asahi Shimbun reported.

I would personally venture a guess here that it is at least 10 times higher than this, because this is only what is actually investigated and or reported.

Far too many cases of DV here do not get reported, and it's the kids that suffer the most!

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Is that a 50cc Blue Harley in Davidson am seeing in the picture :)?

what a beast :)

7 ( +12 / -5 )

Awesome tradition for a great cause...well done & keep it going. Happy riding everyone!

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Well done everyone who took part and helped

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I’m glad that all child abuse is reported in the world.

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Is that a 50cc Blue Harley in Davidson am seeing in the picture :)?

what a beast :)

Rumor has it he started the parade from that 'No Entry' sign last Friday.

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Kudos to all involved. Child abuse is one of Japan's greatest underreported tragedies, and risks being repeated from one generation to the next without proper intervention.

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Rumor has it he started the parade from that 'No Entry' sign last Friday.

Best rumor ever :)

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while I applaud their motivation, I think it is time to make some restrictions on engine loudness, at least in crowded cities like Tokyo. And I say this as a more than 20 years experienced biker. Harleys are some of the worst offenders, together with tuned up bikes and trucks

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I visit our local mother/child center - DV - every year to drop of the clothes my children have outgrown. They're typical American clothes, mostly Target, but beyond the reach of even the most affluent Japanese. The center always sends me a thank-you card. I recommend you do the same.

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Harley Davidson bikers ?

LOL, you have to remake the photo.

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It would be nice if the J police motor bike patrol gave them an escort as well.

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cool gesture. lol at the blue scooter in the background, I didn't know Harley-Davidson made scooters already! I wish there would be a bicycle version of this, I'd definitely join that. I wish they would slowly cruise by the homes of known child abusers and molesters while revving their engines as part of the parade. A single Harley is loud enough to wake up an entire street, imagine having an entire column of them.

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How about the threewheeler taxi in the back.

well the issue is universal

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Like 'em or not the cause is righteous!

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