Sapporo Snow Festival opens amid coronavirus fears, warm winter


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A warm winter and a hot summer to come no doubt...

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 to wear masks among other measures to prevent infection.

Regular face masks do not protect people from being infected since they need to have an air filter respecting a specific norm for protection against viral particles (like the N95 respirator mask). They can help reduce the spread of the virus by people already infected so that people surrounding them would be exposed less to their respiratory droplets. In fact the thinner surgical mask is intended for surgeons, because these products do a good job of keeping pathogens from the doctor's nose and mouth from entering the surgical field. This would require though that people use them with rigorous hygiene which is the case in a controlled environment like a hospital but absolutely not among the general public. Also sick people should stay home and just not to go to public areas, this is the best protection instead of showing up at work for example wearing those silly masks as often seen in some Asian countries.

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heading up there next week to ski and see the ice sculptures. Guess it will be less crowded than usual.

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Why do I get a whiff of hysteria? Is the death toll of this disease appreciably higher than a bad flu year or just more widely and hysterically reported in the media?

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@Englisc. The answer to your question will come in due course.

At this time we can say for sure alot of interesting stuff is going on....warm temperatures, corona virus, and massive locusts in Africa.

We are experiencing interesting and rare times

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Beautifully shaped characters . . .

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