Scattered anti-Japan protests held in China


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The CCP governmernt has started closing the faucet. It's going to end up just a trickle soon.

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Looking at the all the pushing and shoving the police and turning over of a police car shown on the news, it is hard to believe that such anger is due simply to uninhabited islands in the middle of nowhere (and recent surveys have shown that there isn't actually much oil, gas, mineral, etc. deposits anyway). Looks like something else is going on. A few hundred people, or evern a few thousand people, out of 1.4 billion is not really a crowd.

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A little unsurprising that the protesters are not damaging, overturning or burning the official fleet of Nissan military vehicles~

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Folks, pay attention to the source of this info-BEIJING.

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Rent-a-crowd work is also unsteady these days it seems.

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CCP is just using this to take the minds off everyones misery living there.

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Hundreds of Chinese staged anti-Japan demonstrations in several Chinese cities for a second weekend as diplomatic tensions flare over a string of disputed islands in the East China Sea.

The way the Chinese are acting reminds me of something, yes that's right, uncivilized animals and thugs.

Japan needs to start investing more in Southeast Asia and India and less in China.

When the Chinese bubble bursts and it will, their world will cave in around them they will become even more uncivilized and like animals will become even more unpredictable.

Time to get out now and leave them to eat their own.

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