Scent of vanilla helps to ease pain: Japanese researchers


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I use vanilla incense and in pancakes. Love the smell.

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2 seconds longer. Was this 7 secs compared to 5 secs, or 62 secs compared to 60 secs?

Do inform us how significant these 2 seconds were please.

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Reaseach sponsored by vanilla essence producers, look for special discounts in a supermarket near you soon.

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Well " the team" should have consulted Chinese aroma massues before they subjected mice to burned feet. The Chinese People's Army has used them for decades and confirmed that it is effective on human pain.

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Guess what else does a much better job of it.

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Vanilla ice cream. Vanilla tea. Vanilla cake. Vanilla, love the stuff, maybe that's why I've never had a headache in my life then

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I just want to know where those mice 'left their forepaws'?  I suspect it should have read... 'before lifting their forepaws'.

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