School teacher gets pay cut for spitting on pupils' faces


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10% pay cut? I guess termination was not an option? great system Japan!

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A pay cut for assaulting minors over whom you have power?! Where are the police/prosecutors? Why is this guy allowed to continue to teach?

This only reinforces that there are minimal consequences for abuse of power/bullying.


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The male teacher -- who spat on the face of one of the students more than 80 times and slapped another in face more than 50 times -- told the board he wanted to "narrow the distance" between himself and the pupils

Ha ha ha ....this one's classic!

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I guess termination was not an option? great system Japan!

Actually it is, and while there is probably a ton of information NOT being shared here, this "punishment" suggests that there was plenty of back-room arm twisting, kowtowing, and quite probably envelopes passing hands.

A pay cut for assaulting minors over whom you have power?! Where are the police/prosecutors? Why is this guy allowed to continue to teach?This only reinforces that there are minimal consequences for abuse of power/bullying.

The only way this is going to go to the police is if the PARENTS choose to file a complaint, officially, with the local police. IF they do not, then the case will be handled internally. IF the parents had filed a complaint, and the police decided to send the case to the prosecutors, he would have probably been fired.

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WTF...10% pay cut for 3 months ? Get lost....he should be replaced along with the BOE oyaji dinosaurs who seem to think this is sufficient and approved this joke of a "punishment ". Another one of a thousand everyday examples of 70 year old fossils out of touch with reality making Showa era decisions...These guys should not be in decision making positions at all but depressingly Japan is run by them on every level.

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Yubaru: I understand that the parents would have to report this to the police for the police/prosecutors to get involved. Why did that not happen?

Repugnant all around.

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Why did that not happen?

Like I commented earlier, there is a guano-load of missing information in this article. It is only reporting a fraction of what transpired, and if you look at the time-frame, of when it happened to when it was finally decided to "punish" the guy, it strongly suggests that the powers that be did "something" to stop the parents from filing a complaint officially.

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Unless it was for a 100% pay cut with corresponding working hours lowered to zero, it wasn't enough.

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Yubaru: Every article has a metric ton of guano missing information. That said, I agree with your analysis that the eminent BOE did something to dissuade the parents from going to the police. That reflects horribly on all those involved.

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told the board he wanted to "narrow the distance" between himself and the pupils

I guess "I was drunk and don't remember" wouldn't have worked in this instance.

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Why on earth parents didn't do anything about it?

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10% for three months? That's a freakin joke.

10 ( +10 / -0 )

10% for three months? That's a freakin joke.

An offensive and bad joke at that.

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Why on earth parents didn't do anything about it?

We don't know if they did or they didn't. Parents may very well be the reason why he got caught.

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who spat on the face of one of the students more than 80 times and slapped another in face more than 50 times

Was that all in one go? Cause there would have been one very wet student and another one with a bruised face..

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Boy they really stuck it to this teacher... a hefty 10% pay cut. I wonder what would warrant something like a 30% pay cut... choking students till they pass out. This paltry 10% pay cut is another slap in the face to his students and their parents.

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So, he has apologized and we assume paid out bucks for his past transgressions. The big questions are, how many other students has he traumatized, and what will he do to future students since he is being left in the system.

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I know kids can be a drain but this guy needs sorted. And if it were one of my kids, I'd be at the school banging on the door waiting to sort him out.

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Why on earth parents didn't do anything about it?

It's Japan, people are indoctrinated to defer to authority from childhood. There is a deeply ingrained stigma associacted with making trouble. They likely would tell you because it would disrupt their child's education.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

After the first one someone was out to slap the disgust for male and go notify the headteacher. If such scum was and still is allowed to influence the children nationwide, there is no surprise what kinda news appear both in crime and national sections today...

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A mid 40s teacher in Aomori on full kyoin status will be on 6.5 million a year. Granted can be a 70 hour a week job, and its good to pay the teachers of our children well, but that's way above average pay for inaka. A 10% pay cut for a couple of months is nothing to someone on a good salary.

What saddens me most though is that there will be parents who go to this school every single week for some PTA nonsense. When something like this happens though, the parents will have no say in what happens. I can't believe any parent would want their child taught by this man.

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Which all kinda reinforces the notion - that bullying is endemic throughout society and starts with some schools whose attitude is stuck in 19thC Meiji. 

As long as physical violence(and non-physical) by a senior in a highly responsible position upon a vulnerable  junior is deemed ok (must be because of the puny punishment) then little will change in thw work environment, govt., or society at large.

And on top of the violence, the disgusting behaviour to spit on a kid so many times just begs disbelief. I don't agree with the flippant statement "only in Japan" - but I can certainly see why people espouse it at times.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Narrowing the distance, you're doing it wrong.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

what if, and it's a big what if, all these kids were really monster kids. i mean like the worst of the worst in their behavior and attitude. they bullied other kids and also assaulted the teacher. perhaps that explains why the parents did not report it to police, and the teacher did not get fired?

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

He gets a pay cut for assaulting children in his care? Why is abuse like this tolerated? He should be in prison.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Like I have been saying for years, ijime,  is INTEGRAL to Japanese culture, this case is simply more proof of that, like we needed any more!

Thank goodness I don't have kids to raise here, I feel for those that do...

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Fire him and charge him with assault. It is insane how Japan allows teachers to get away with bad behaviour. His punishment is a joke and I'd be livid if I was a parent of one of the victims. I feel sorry for the other staff who have to work with him because let's be honest, someone who believes they can behave this way must be a nightmare to work with.

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Yeah, a pay cut like being fired and going to jail would have been better.

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Why on earth parents didn't do anything about it? they probably wanted to but from pressure from the school not to press charges , going it alone would have reflected badly on them and probably their child who still has to attend the same school, so as is normal in Japan they were probably psychologically pressured to conform and once again weve done full circle back at the beginning again. It a type of cultural prison programmed at an early age.

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easy fix id walk up to the teacher and spit in his face, then tell him if he wanted to press charges against me then my Id be pressing charges against him for my child, your move.

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The likely reason parents didn't pursue this is because they too were likely BULLIED into letting this slide for perhaps a little k/b on the side. THIS is how Japan ""WORKS""

Nasty stuff.

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Despicable person, actions and repercussions. He should be fired! Aren't there any legal actions that can be taken against him? Can not spitting in someone's face be considered assault? SMH.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Pay cut? Give em a raise! The little JHS punks could use some discipline.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

If parents cause a fuss in the school, they will be ostrisized from the mommy group.

spitting in influenza time is a crime.

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Spat about 80 times in the face of one student and physically attacked another more than 50 times, and this piece of filth only gets a reduced salary! As a minimum he should be fired and then charged for each offence.

Japan Plc operating as usual in 2018 I see.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

The reason the West has gone to hell is there is zero disciplining of delinquents.

-9 ( +0 / -9 )

This one baffles me. Termination. There must be more to this.

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Thank god my children were raised in relatively diverse parts of Tokyo and went to international schools...the provinces in Japan are scary

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Why wasn't he arrested for assault on a minor? How can he get away with repeated assault? Is something missing form the story? Were the parents paid off?

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Not enough information on this article to just sentence the teacher, in other words what did the students do to be put in this position in the first place and for how long did it go on to make the teacher reach the peak? Hmmm..

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

This monster needs to be sacked, not have his pay cut by a pathetic 10%

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not charged with assault? not in prison? and they're comfortable with allowing him near children too? I don't know what I would have done to this scum if it were my kid.

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Oh lordy, narrowing the distance, inspired a teacher to spit on the face of one of his students more than 80 times, and slap another in face more than 50 times.

What massage, his ludicrously lenient '10% pay cut for three months' sends out to students reaching the work place makes the mind boggle.  

So disagreements are best solved by a prolonged bout of spitting and slapping?

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What this teacher did is bad enough but this:

 "narrow the distance" between himself and the pupils like salt in the wounds.

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The teacher is still liable for assault and battery.

Why don't the Japanese police do their duty?

Well, the reason is that the Japanese are selective as to what they prosecute for and whom they charge ?

In Japan justice is sometimes blind!

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It is shocking that the teacher's pay was cut by 10 per cent for spitting on the pupil. It is shocking and unbelievable that it happens in Japan. The teacher deserves to be punished by terminating her service and should be made ineligible for teaching throughout her life. I can't believe that it happens in Japan, we in Asia think high of Japan. These types of teachers are insult to teaching community and they deserve not less than debarring her for life.

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Is that a teaching method in Japan during imperial years?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Only in Japan do they pretend to be a first-world country and not only allow this kind of thing and other more serious assaults on students, but they don't fire the people responsible (or rarely do, and even then it takes months of denials and denials before finally admitting everyone knew).

0 ( +1 / -1 )

@rick ruin, "The reason the West has gone to hell is there is zero disciplining of delinquents." the west is rather lenient on school kids for sure, but there are many more ways of chastising/punishing children, but spitting and hitting them is not one of them, are you saying its ok to spit or slap a child? I am all for punishment, but this is a step to far, let me ask you the question, if your son or daughter he'd come home from school and said dad some teacher has spat a load of phlegm in my face, would you accept it? would you say "tough you deserved it?"

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