Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin at Hiroshima university


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Wow, just plain WOW! It's no wonder that JHS's no longer use the javelin in track and field competitions. They use something called a ジャベリック (jyaberiku) which is much, much, safer.

I hope she heals fast!

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Happens nearly every year here - javelin, shot-put... Perhaps those on the field need to pay more attention??

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This is the reason there are many schools that ban javelin, pole vault, and other sports that can have accidents causing serious injury.

Hope this girl recovers 100%!

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Wow, what a freak accident! I hope she pulls through!

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This does happen everywhere(including the US) but I wonder if there could be a lack of sufficient training space in Japan's cities and suburbs that contribute to the problem.

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I just don't see the point with this careless training. Treat it with respect, there should be someone ensuring the area is clear before each throw.

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I guess if there was more space to play this wouldn't happen. Every time I see a blade of grass at my local park (play pen) it's quickly removed. Can't understand why, probably to pre students to a life of working in close quarters and not throw things whe watching your back.

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Iwe had javelin training at school and their use was very strictly controlled and supervised. I would guess that this 'accident' happened because of a lack of supervision.

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Where are the teachers? the article doesn't say but it seems they were unsupervised, not cool.

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Ouch, that's just messed up. I hope she recovers from this physically and emotionally.

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now that:s gonna leave a scar.

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She's extremely lucky to survive this with just a scar. Javelins and arrows are far more dangerous than firearms, and their use is usually very restricted.

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Throwing a javelin even in the general direction of other people is mind-numbingly stupid. What a moron! He should be struck off from his graduate course, any teachers who shouldve been supervising should be struck off and the school closed down. Done.

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In Japan I don't think very restricted, ebisen.

Quite a lot of high schools with track and field have javelin.

Yeah they got to have a spotter, or reserve the ground for a period of time for JUST javelin. It's just stupid to have ppl on the field at the same time as a throw. Especially if you have ppl that can throw that great of a distance.

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Javelins and arrows are far more dangerous than firearms

You realise they are not talking about javelin missles, right?

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Glad she's still alive. I was always a little scared when walking by the archery field at my university, even when there was nobody there. :P

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True life horror story. Hope the girl recovers. What a freak accident! That's a memory everyone will have a hard time forgetting.

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These kinds of sports dates back thousands of years, time for a change.

Hope she recovers quickly.

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scary stuff and a miracle she is ok. I have heard of other javelin incidences in Japan before, definitely some safety issues with the setup. The dude will be freaked about throwing for awhile.

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"Time for a change" like a laptop, phone, or remote control throw. I agree, remembering tradition is one thing, chucking a spear beside a crowd is another. Hope she recovers.

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Wow, what a freak accident. The fact that this makes the news ... Glad she will live to tell the story. At least it wasn't a hunter's rifle that she got accidentally shot with, as so often happens back where I come from.

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oh my holy G.... im relieved that it was not life threatening. and yelling is NOT ENOUGH. the campus should have a safe place to do this dangerous sport. throwing something in a people congested place results to accidents obviously

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I don't believe that that javelin or shot-put should be practiced on the same field at the same time that other events are being practiced at the same time.

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Schoolgirl speared in head by javelin at Hiroshima University

"She will have to stay in the intensive care unit for about two weeks," said the official, adding the injury was not thought to be life-threatening.

Nope, just an extra hole in her head, is all...

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The photo for the story is just so inappropriate

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Thumbs down for stating facts? Come on folks - this happens every year in this country.

And you don't agree that people on the field to pay more attention?

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And the usual cry of "Fire the teachers". It is a university FFS. Coaches, not teachers.

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Yikes. That's a freak accident indeed. I hope she recovers really soon. That's a lot for a 15 yo girl to deal with. Get well soon, kid!

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what are the odds ... in more pleasant, more mystical times, to survive something like that would 've been not an accident but a blessing and a sign of protection. Lucky

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That's a story for the grandkids if the doctors are right. I'm a bit surprised that they can predict the IC stay with a head injury like that.

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Sports should be scheduled accordingly. Javelin, discus, etc. should be done after the field is cleared. Safety first! Hope the young girl recovers all her senses, too. "The javelin thrower told police he yelled out that he was about to throw the javelin, but it veered to his right where the girl was walking about 60 meters away." It's not yelling "fore" and hitting a golf ball, you're about to launch a weapon young man.

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I have seen kyudo conducted in large groups in Himeji without a teacher - would never happen in Australia. Japanese students tend to be more dependable. But in a university?! "Oops" just doesn't cover it.

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Is anybody making a virtual Javelin practice program, machine, app, Wii game or something. Or they should work on some kind of javelin range or some way to practice indoors. Holy crap!

And the fact that this is happening everywhere, you would think that somebody would have come up with a alternative practice method. I mean we got swimming treadmills.

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