Scientists clone 26 generations of single mouse ... and still going


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Yet the cure for AIDS or cancer still remains as elusive as ever...

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AIDS is almost under control, Cancer, well we are getting there too, and medical science has made a lot of progress in the last few years. Numerous scientists have received Nobels for the progress made in the battle against cancer. The problem is the media likes to sell it like there will be one single cure for AIDS, and one single cure for cancer, and the unquestioning public have bought into it. Cancer isn't a virus, it's a generic term for many different diseases that share similar characteristics, there will never be "the cure". Current medicine has given us a 60-70% decline in death rates for AIDS, the bigger problem today is education and funding in controlling the spread in poor countries etc.

Research like the above example are very important, until we do it we don't know what we are going to discover. I wish Japanese would spend more money on this kind of thing than on research for forecasting cherry blossom dates !

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You realize this will make Terminator 15 a real possibility... I'll be back! Again!

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Can we bring Elvis back?

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A lot of times, advances are found in disciplines seemingly unrelated to the area we want to advance.

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