Scientists say they can 'read' dreams


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Wow.....But I dont want anyone seeing my "dirty" dreams thank you! That's why they are dreams and not reality.

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Please do check Abe's dreams who is spending trillions of Yen (taxpayers money) in the name of Abenomics ! will it work? if yes, i will have sound sleep for rest of my life !

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The scientists then woke up the dreamers and asked them what images they had seen, a process that was repeated 200 times. Geez! This sounds a bit like TORTURE! You are dreaming, and WAKE UP! WAKE UP! So what did you just see?? The heck with that!

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How do they get the subjects to fall asleep and stay asleep during an MRI scan? If you've experienced on yourself you'd know how loud they are...

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Ebulda, it's more likely that there were several people being woken up rather than just one person, so that no one was woken up two-hundred times exactly.

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Good-bye David Lynch! You read my dreams and Eraserhead will look like an instructional video on ABCs.

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What if you were dreaming of something filthy and unethical in an experiment? As soon as you wake up, you get: "you little filthy pig! How disgusting you are!"

I mean, seriously, you could be demonised as a potential criminal by the scientists and psychologists.

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Not my perverted ones, though

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I wonder what Jack Valenti would say. Soon they will need to apply a ratings system for dreams, like they do for cinema, with G, PG, X, etc. advisories.

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Omg I have to have the most random dreams that are mixed with video games. I dreamed I climbed out a window and then I glitches and was sent 33km away. My phone was flat and I had no money to tell my wife who was in the shed where I went. In my eyes in the dream I could see a waypoint marker saying "33km" and I started running towards it. When I finally reached the shed there was a helicopter made out of cubes flying around......

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I'd really like to see the video clip UofC Berkely put together.

Also, that is a lot of cash to spend on dream research. If the entire country wasn't sleeping I could understand solving that problem but just out of curiosity?? I'd rather see the gov't spend the cash to help up the population.

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Here are some links to the UC Berkeley research from 2011...




Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies

Current Biology, Volume 21, Issue 19, 1641-1646, 22 September 2011

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Our brains are so complicated that MIR is not going to be enough to find out how dreams works and why they are needed.

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SCA - REE !!

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They should download my dreams and make movies of them - they would be mega-hits.

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As some14some san mention, I intend to ask the related researcher whether they are able to predict anything based on leaders' dream in countries.

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another good invention to bring ideas and stories into reality

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25psotApr. 06, 2013 - 12:04PM JST Our brains are so complicated that MIR is not going to be enough to find out how dreams works and why they are needed.

Actually we've been pretty darned sure why dreams are needed for a long time. They're like cleaning up your desk at the end of the day. You sort daily experiences into categories, tidy things into pile and generally clean up the mess of everyday life into some sort of recognisable pattern. This is also the reason you'll have a puzzling experience during the day, then go to sleep and wake up with the answer in the morning. Your brain has linked that experience up with other bits of data and "made sense" of the experience. When something is bugging us and remains unresolved then it generally crops up in recurring dreams since its a bit of data that's repeatedly in the "no category assigned yet" tray, so every night your brain tries to match it up to where it should go.

Dreaming and memory are closely interrelated processes, with memory the result and dreaming part of the memory formation process. As a result research like this, while still in its infant stages, is critical.

What does irritate me a little though is that neurology doesn't acknowledge that most of the base theory they're working from is from the discipline of psychology, and that they're confirming things that psychology theorised decades ago, before the technology existed to test it, and claiming it as their advance. Neurology isn't actually coming up with these ideas, they're merely confirming what psychologists have been pretty certain about for ages, and then taking the ideas a bit further. They're standing on the shoulders of giants like Freud and Jung... and are too arrogant and conceited to admit where their ideas come from because they look down on psychology.

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How on Earth can anyone sleep through an MRI scan?

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The time will come when downloading dreams will be possible. I wish I would still be there to see it... o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく

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The human brain is a magnificent thing. Especially when sleeping, it is still active at certain stages of this time period. I love to dream ... both good and bad ones in beautiful technicolor. Wonder where all of that stuff comes from inside our noggin? Nice to know scientists/doctors are interested in finding out what's taking place in that mysterious package of tissue.

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($35 million) spent on dream studies per year ? . Some institute is in for happy funding for years to come. Dreams will come true for the researchers who will retire with large pension pots

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Where does the soul fit into all of this? I doubt it can be measured, other than by a man deeds.

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For erotic dreams they don't use the MRI, just have the guy lay on his back.

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ooo fantastic! at this rate "inception" shouldn't be too far off :3

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Himitsu: The Revelation (Top Secret) anime/manga here we come! MRI to solve criminal cases in the future.

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Wow, that's an unbelievable achievement for science! I've always wanted to watch my dreams, seeing as I can barely remember them, although I have a feeling I wouldn't exactly like what I see or be very disturbed at the strangeness of the dream..

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This is a better use of government funding than building a bridge out to nowhere.

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Here's a video from the research lab at ATR that did the study:

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Thanks for the video, that's incredible stuff!

At the moment they can only identify categories of things the dreamer would have likely seen during their dream but that's a pretty mind-blowing step nonetheless.

I wonder, as our dreams function on a subconscious level, if we were able to output the video and sound into some actual format for later viewing, would it even be watchable on a conscious level?

Maybe it would have to be in some media that would require the dream to be "experienced" rather than "viewed" as it would likely be incomprehensible?

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