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Scores of horses suffer sunstroke at Japan samurai event


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Whether it's racing at the Kentucky Derby or a Samurai event, horses are mistreated.

Those race type horses are often bred as the elite stature of the species, but with human intervention, likely have underlying deficiencies that expose them to injury.

Horses naturally evolved, and not meant to be ridden, even though humans think so.

Humans always put ourselves over everything else. It's such a falsehood to think we are spiritual animals, when 'spirituality' exists with everything on earth, but we're the only things that have to consciously label it, and not naturally live it, like horses set free from the saddle.

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Go and troll somewhere else.

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Next year, put some humans in a horse costume and have them run the track themselves. See how they like it.

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Japan is a paradox

   wallaceAug. 8 05:20 pm JST

>    Horses should never be maltreated for any reason.

> Any animal should not be maltreated for any reason.

The article is about horses.

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I don't think any outdoor mass event should be held during summer in this part of the world, also keeping in mind the scout jamboree in Korea and all the other dangerous fiascos that happen every year. Swimming might be an exception.

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Suck to get heat stroke i a read what the prognosis is like after your are lucky to survive it at the emergency room. Hopefully they will learn a lesson but never the case extreme events should not be held in the hottest times.

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Japan's over riding philosophy at work... Tradition before common sense.

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This makes me so angry and sad.

Agreed. More angry than sad. The horse owners are negligent here.

"We sprinkled water on the track for the first time, as extreme heat was expected. We used three water-sprinkler cars, but water dried up quickly," Hirata said.

Bloke in the back of a k-truck with a watering can probably.

Give the horses a sprinkle too. Maybe some cold water and strong fans between gallops. Use your imaginations.

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This makes me so angry and sad.

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Should change to camels instead of horses! what!? did you say change?? that is a No No word around here, Nah we have always used horses, MURI

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So Bad, so how many more horses must die before the dates are changed, Greed is so Ugly.

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Japanese have many things that I respect them for but such cruelty is what I will never understand, accept or approve. Simply cruel and disgusting.

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Now change sports days for Kids likewise

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Reminds me of the movie from Tom cruise the last samurai

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But sadly this is Japan and three decades here has taught me that the show must always go on..

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Don’t these horses know that it’s just summer and hot? No sign of global warming….

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If they had that many animals there then there was most likely and onsite Vet, He/She should have the power to say call it off.

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Horses should never be maltreated for any reason.

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Absolute morons! Think outside the box for god sake! How about doing it in October or April???

No…we can’t change….muppets!

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"We sprinkled water on the track for the first time, as extreme heat was expected. We used three water-sprinkler cars, but water dried up quickly," Hirata said.

Is water in short supply in Japan?

Isn’t there a vet in attendance at these events?

At least it wasn’t kids running around…

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battles said Tuesday they were considering changing dates for the gathering next year, after sunstroke affected 111 animals, killing two of them.

It's more than battle reenactment, it's actual battle for those animal to stay alive.

 Fukushima prefecture from July 29 to 31, after temperatures touched 35 degrees

 That place as one prefecture of Tohoku that considered cool place but not anymore.

features more than 400 participants dressed as medieval samurai warriors fighting on horseback over flags 

Organizers is fortunate enough that no life is missing suffering from heat stroke.

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In this heat it just takes a little common sense.

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These noble fellow mammals have been at our side building our civilizations for centuries.

Treat them with the respect they deserve.

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STOP tormenting these defenseless animals!!! Datte, datte, datte sah, maitoshi doori--this is what we always do, every year, therefore [we are unable to change the schedule]...

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Neigh doubt about it. The heat galloped that day.

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