SDF holds drill to defend remote islands


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Depends on the size and terrain.

Tanks were used throughout the Pacific during WW2.

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How do you defend remote islands with tanks? Hahaha

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Before assuming "remote islands" refers to the Senkakus, let's remind ourselves what these islands look like.

I would be very surprised if there were any armoured vehicles taking part in an attempt to retake them. (Larger islands, plausible according to size and terrain)

After being retaken, bunkers might be better. Scary if counterattacked. Perhaps a command vehicle(s) might temporarily(?) assist with shore-to-ship comms? Not much room to maneuver in any case.

Ships, jets and helos, yes. Possible that submarines would be involved removing / stopping anything that floats and shouldn't be there. Mines might be used but who knows.

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I wonder how the new defence guidelines have impacted on the SDF training. Like, what are they doing differently that they couldn't do before? In any case, I wouldn't mind seeing the training one of these days. All I get round my way is the occasional RAF fly-over. Nothing even close to being as thrilling as an exercise to defend/retake Japanese islands.

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Pretty Sure China Crying Baby will go out in the media Again trying to get sympathy that they are bullied by Japanese ...lmao

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They have been having these drills at Fuji Camp for decades, long before china got its panties in a bunch over the senkaku.

I have been meaning to get down to view one of these for a few years but never actually made it happen.

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SDF holds drill to disabuse Chinese generals who propose a quick, short invasion of the Senkakus would succeed before Japan and the US knew what hit them and knew how to respond.

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SDF holds drill to annoy China.

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