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SDF jets scrambled 533 times in last 6 months to counter rising Russian incursions

By Tim Kelly

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Russia has been like a cancer on the world for the last 100 years. The thug-come-quasi-dictator Putin is just keeping up with tradition. Even a lot of the current problems with ISIS stem from Russia's callous support for, and consequent protection of, the Syrian oppressive regime of the real dictator, Assad.

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Blame others for whatever indecency and inhumanity thou produce themselves. In the end, Truth stays firm.

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I think we should take back the Northern Islands while Putin is otherwise engaged in Ukraine.

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The busiest intersection for the Soviet-manned Bear and Bison bombers has proven to be the segment of the secret line that arcs around Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island which lies only two jet minutes from Russian! bases in the Kurile Islands, fewer than five minutes from Sakhalin and less than 25 minutes from airfields in Siberia. The Minimum Scramble Line (MSL), an invisible barrier surrounding Japan, is an area where at least 80 Russian bombers roam each year.

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another fine eg of Reuters "its the evil russians' propaganda. 'That task is being complicated by Japan’s decision to join Western sanctions against Moscow for its annexation of the Crimea peninsula in March and its involvement in a pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine.;'


Crimea was not 'annexed' the crimeans held a referendum(like the one in scotland only more honest and better conducted) and chose overwhelmingly to return to russia.

Russia has played no part in the rebellion. But US did play a part in the coup that led to the rebellion: rmember Vicki(F the EU) Nuland? ande her $5 billion admission : http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-eu-clash-on-how-to-install-a-puppet-regime-in-ukraine-victoria-nuland/5367794

japan is militarily occupied by the USA, which atom bombed them in 1945, yet they are worried about russians when russia is a short distance away! the real threat is already in japan ..and has been there sine 1945

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Well, America already occupies Japan, they can have all the flyovers they want. Perhaps if America left Japan, Russia and China would be friendlier? Considering Japan is part of Asia, having America as an occupying force is antagonizing the neighbors, probably not a good thing to do, but America wouldn't care, they can project their image here and be safe at home. I'd be happier being closer to Russia and China and having America go back home, but this won't happen, America owns Japan and it's people. Imagine how strong Asia would be if these countries actually worked together instead of threatening each other...the only loser would be America, so they want to keep Japan scared and China and Russia on their toes.

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@Batman is: Are you serious?

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Come on.. We have RX-78 and Ingram. Send those boys and the aggressors would run screaming back to their mamas.. :p

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I'm not at all surprised by this. Ever since Putin came to power, he's been flexing his military muscles constantly, sending out planes towards just about every country in Europe and Asia, and of course towards America as well. As for the reason for this surge: it ties back to Ukraine and Crimea, and the sanctions Japan imposed. Russia has never been a country to underestimate, and these flyovers are a reminder of that. There's no immediate threat, Russia is just reminding Japan (and indeed the rest of the world) that it's ready and willing to take action should it be necessary. As long as there's negative feelings towards Russia, they'll keep posturing. At the same time though, they'll posture even more if they appear to be getting ignored by the world. Attention seeking at its riskiest. It only takes one mistake to ignite a war. Even though Russia would be technically in the wrong, blame would fall on the country that made the mistake (ie, the country that fires the first shots).

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It's just Putin having a hissy fit because the rest of the world doesn't appreciate his aggression. No need to be alarmed, he's a paper tiger.

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Countries like russia, PRC, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Syria have something in common. They have less democracy than all other countries. That's why they are so friendly to each other.

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We need more type 10 MBTs n F35s

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@Kiyoshimukai - Vietnam is closer to Japan than PRC. So what is Japan? Japan has problems with all her neighbors. There must be a reason to this!

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Asian2014Oct. 17, 2014 - 12:53AM JST

@Kiyoshimukai - Vietnam is closer to Japan than PRC. So what is Japan? Japan has problems with all her neighbors. There must be a reason to this!"

I am not sure what you mean by that statement--"Japan has problems will all her neighbors." The only neighbors Japan has problems with is China and S. and N. Korea who are apparently still fighting WWII, and Russia who has problems with almost everybody. Japan seems to get along just fine with most other countries in the world. Ever notice how every country in the world except China and the Koreas seem to have moved on past WWII? Ever wonder why they can't or won't?

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This kind of issue is so boring and meaningless as for the comments I will rewrite a song that preety much says ..

(fell asleep halfway through)

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Perhaps if America left Japan, Russia and China would be friendlier?

Because Russia and China could be running flights all over Japan? SMH at this brazen bullying.


Once again black is white with you people. Explain how Japan sanctioning Russia makes flying bombers over Japan justified. Or perhaps you believe like batmania that Japan is just a Russian colony yearning to be freed.

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The world can exist without Russia... Russia could exist without Huilo!!

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Russia’s ability to prod Japan’s northern defenses, meanwhile, may increase

Nonsense - Russia has absolutely no intention " to prod " Japan's northern defence

To what purposes ?

Take away Hokkaido ?

Russia just want to defend existing borders

Japan its turn disagreed with status quo and intend to change situation

So - to make situation more clear - Russia send bombers

To stress that Russia will defend its existing borders

No more no less

Russia has absolutely no intention to attack Japan

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Send a bill for the costs of all scrambles due to Russian incursions since the end of the war to the Russian government, along with a bill for all the financial losses due to the Russian occupation of the Northern Territories.

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