SDF jets scrambled record 340 times in April-June period


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It's part of the cat and mouse game countries without friendly relations play. If you opt out of the game, things will get more serious.

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Yes it is necessary to respond to these boarder challenges. It's part of maintaining ownership of the boarders. Neglecting your boarders put you at a disadvantage in international disputes. By the way this story doesn't mention that it works the other way too. We 'approach' their borders and they scramble jets also. But that's a secret. You're government doesn't tell what they do only what the other guy does. Why is that?

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@AManinJapan: If the SDF were to announce that a single warning would be given prior to a shooting, both China and Russia would see it as an act of provocation. They can also play the "technical difficulty" card as an excuse. Essentially, they can claim that they didn't hear the warning, then when Japan shoots, China (or Russia) can declare the incident as an act of war and mobilize. Unfortunately, the other world leaders would see Japan's actions as being too hasty, and it would be left without support in that conflict. As expensive as it is, Japan is doing the right thing. The cost of doing nothing could be substantially higher. As the article says, Chinese vessels have been sighted within the 12 nautical-mile territorial zone several times since 2012. It only takes a moment of arrogance and one second, for an "accidental" launch against a Japanese civilian or military "target". You only have to look at the recent incident with the map featuring mushroom clouds over Japan to know that there are those in China who are itching to fight Japan. If one of those people is flying a fighter jet, then it only takes one decision not to scramble jets for that one person to take matters into their own hands. Regardless of it meaning China instigates the war, Japan will still pay a severe price for not responding as it always has. As long as the JASDF keeps scrambling jets, the risk of an actual conflict is quite low. Relatively speaking.

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Is it really necessary to deploy these planes every single time either Russian or Chinese planes approach Japanese airspace? The Russians & Chinese are clearly doing this on purpose and it must be costing SDF ( ie taxpayer) a lot of money - as there has not been an actual infringement, is this really deterring them or did they actually not plan to infringe Japanese airspace? How about trying something different such as telling them clearly that any unauthorized plane or drone that actually comes inside Japanese airspace will be given one warning and then shot down?

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