SDF planes deployed to collect radioactive material after N Korean blast


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Many across the world are condemning this news, not only Abe. We are talking about a rogue nation, an axis of evil, and North Korea's actions should be condemned as it is.

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Rest assured that the JSDF wasn't the only one's with planes up in the air taking samples.

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Mushroom Cloud = Nuclear Bomb this is bad....

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Suga said no abnormal levels of radiation had been detected through monitoring posts across Japan as of early Wednesday evening.

I am not sure if that is encouraging or not. Post Fukushima the monitoring posts have lost quite a lot of credibility. Might be a good idea to switch them on now before saying anything.

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Yoshikawa would not go into detail on what kinds of punitive measures Japan would like to see, saying that must be discussed among the council’s 15 members.

Japan will do nothing, since it can't. Just because a country willing broke a treaty, which it didn't sign Japan will not be able to do anything but make loud protests. If they really wanted to hit them, Japan should seize all of the Pachinko parlors that can be traced back to NK ownership and close them or give them to Japanese owners. That's where they get their money from so Japan should come down hard on those establishments, as well as sending the few officials from NK in Japan out back to NK.

Let them worry about feeding their own since obviously they have the know-how to build an H-bomb, next try to solve their hunger issues on their own.

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As bad as this new development may sound, it will probably draw Japan, South Korea and China closer together. A common evil begets strange bed fellows.

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I have to agree with Alpha, the NK ownership of pachinko should be ended. Even the yaks would be preferable to the norks. Sanctions against the NK leadership should be swift and comprehensive. China ought to help.

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Collecting dust ? How are they going to make the difference between the daily Fukushima's release of nuclides in open air VS some presumed bomb detonated miles under ground ?

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It couldn't have been an H bomb. Making atomic bombs is one thing; it's quite another to make H bombs. There are many technological hurdles to overcome before you can make H bombs. It's hard to believe that North Korea has capabilities to build one.

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US announced that there is nothing in the last 24 hour line of event that can confirm that NK has developed the 2 stages H-Bomb they are claiming, just saying....

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US: In a phone conference, Carter and South Korean Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo "agreed that North Korea's provocations should have consequences," but they did not spell out what those consequences might be, according to a readout of the call from Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook

NK: hahaha, rofl, haha haha ahahahhhahaha bbbaaahahahahha...please someone..hahahaahhahahahhaaha....oooo.hhahahahahahah...

UN: Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Japan’s U.N. ambassador said the Security Council will hurt its credibility if it fails to swiftly adopt a new resolution imposing “significant” new measures against North Korea in response to its announced nuclear test.

NK: Please, what you talkn bout willis? blahahahahahahahhaha..

Reality: No one will do anything.

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All governments need a boogie man to help spread fear, hence how NHK/BBC/ CNN have been milking this.

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Yet the Peoples Republic of China will prevent any meaningful action. They will continue to supply the needs of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

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Is it really possible possible to impose more sanctions on NK?

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I heard one US talk show say that this was probably known by the Chinese, and they needed NK to do this since their stocks have been sliding lately, and to counter the US claims that they are manipulating their currency to keep themselves afloat. Since pretty much China supplies them with the majority of their needs, it would be pretty easy for them to assist in them getting this technology, and they could easily hold back. The US will go to China for them to control NK, and China will say, not until you stop accusing us of manipulating our currency, and to be quiet about those man made islands in the Spratly Islands. If the current administration wants to be seen as winning on this diplomatic front, you will see a decrease in the US accusations against China on those and other topics, and NK will then say they have stopped their program.

Whatever the case, the US, SK, and Japan are being played by China and NK. But the ones who are suffering are the starving people of NK.

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