SDF to start training for overseas rescue operations


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The training will begin this month for Self-Defense Force units due to be deployed as peacekeepers in South Sudan in November, Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said.

Ok so they are going to be deployed.......

Any decision to order Japanese troops on rescue missions would be left to the cabinet.

And while they are in Sudan they are going to need cabinet approval for any rescue missions?

I feel so sorry for the boots on the ground that have to deal with this chain of command. I can not image the potential headaches this is going to cause some commander in the field.

I hope that they are never put into a situation where someone's life is on the line while they wait for an answer from the "cabinet"

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i can just see it now. SDF force gets sent on a stupid mission, mission goes all to hell and SDF gets stuck in the middle of a fight with terrorists and takes heavy losses ala somalia in the early 90's.

all for what?

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That's exactly what the SDF has been facing, like when Megumi Yokota was kidnapped. The SDF knew the NK ships were going in and out of Japan, but cabinet (LDP) didn't ever give the green light of intercepting said ships fearing the inevitable backlash from the Shakaito, Kyosanto and the media.

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@ Yubaru - and I hope that they are given permission to engage the enemy if necessary, before they have "boots on the ground". I can imagine them getting shot at and waiting for permission to fight back.

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Good for Japan. After so many decades of avoiding actual combat they are going to have to work hard to get the wheels greased in all respects. Those in the government are going to learn that decision making in this respect will not be the prolonged responsibility-avoiding process to which they have become accustomed.

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South Sudan, South Sudan. If you are wondering why S.Sudan features so much to the Japanese nowadays, I will tell you, they've managed to gerrymander a deal for oil. S. Sudan being landlocked necessitates a pipeline be put up through Kenya to the town of Lamu in the indian ocean. Soon, Abe and a corterie of businessmen are going to Nairobi for the TICAD conference and a little later Kenya will be full of Japanese working on the projects. Terrorism, is a good and understandable reason to the oblivious Japanese public, and if the JSDF is going to protect Japanese workers, who will dare oppose Abe?

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A Wise decision. Japan itself is facing the Don Quixotic Jin Xi-ping and Kim Jong-Un. Japan should be ready to teach them proper lessons.

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Instead of revealing Japanwill be preparing to defend against N Korea, Inada etch sent SDF tomfar away to make sure Fat Boy will be careless. Inada is not dumb.

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NK ships were going in and out of Japan...

This would be a good use of the SDF. To stop the above. But what does it have to do with being sent on some losing situation to Somalia (and possibly the Middle East in other missions)?

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Instead of revealing Japanwill be preparing to defend against N Korea, Inada etch sent SDF tomfar away to make sure Fat Boy will be careless. Inada is not dumb.

I beg to differ, Inada is dumb. Anybody with a brain or any strategic ability understands exactly what Inada is doing. In fact it is pathetically simple what is going on.

Japan has been investing heavily in Africa (via JAICA, a supposedly NGO but in reality a puppet org. of the jgov). This is just another distraction.

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