An Elysia marginata, a species of sea slug, after shedding its body and its self-decapitated head, is seen in this handout photo taken at the laboratory at Nara Women's University in Japan. Photo: Sayaka Mitoh/Handout via REUTERS

Sea slugs able to self-decapitate and regrow their bodies, Japanese researchers show

By Rikako Murayama

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Really? That's comforting to know.

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Wife: “You’re so fat, why don’t you get in shape?!”

Me: ”Watch this and give me three weeks”

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Discovered by accident. Not through research. Hmmm?

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

Imagine if Humans can!? we will live for ever unless the brains blow up, LOL

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a type of sea slug are able to self-decapitate and regrow their bodies

Just like LDP politicians. Wow!

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Don't lose your head over it. Nature is cool.

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"One of the amazing things about stem cells is that they can be used to regenerate a heart and body from the edge of the animal's head," Mitoh said. "With further study, we may be able to apply these findings to regenerative medicine, but that's still a distant hope at this stage."

This might be a sci-fi moment, but I hope I live long enough to see the day where modern science can modify humans to have selective biological abilities from animals such as this. I could just lose a limb or an organ if I have cancer and just grow a new and good one in its place. Just a fun and related fact, there's a jellyfish species that that can regenerate into being a juvenile, essentially making it immortal.

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This is useful. I hope the National deficit comes down as a result.

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I guess this means sea slugs are unlikely to be regarded as an endangered species, which should make a lot of Chinese happy, since they're an ingredient in several popular dishes.

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Finally some news we can use...

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