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Search ends for 4 Japanese climbers on Mount McKinley


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It's summertime, why climb a mountain when it's melting. Due to the ice is melting avalanches are very common.

Climb at your own stupidity !!!!

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They made their call and it was not their day. It happens. Thankfully the S&R team did not have problems themselves.


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Very sad end for the senior adventurers, condolences to their families and many thanks to the mountain rescue crew for their search

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A shallow avalanche on Alaska’s Mount McKinley may not have killed four Japanese climbers, but the slide pushed them into a crevasse more than 30 meters deep, the National Park Service said Sunday.

Kind of a moot point isn't it?

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Sad but beats dying in bed from a long suffering illness. RIP adventurous souls.

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It's summertime, why climb a mountain when it's melting. Due to the ice is melting avalanches are very common.

Climb at your own stupidity !!!!

... Hahaha, so clearly mountain climbers should climb in winter when ice isn't melting and snow is actually falling and temperatures are below sub-zero.

Right. Hahaha.

Mountain climbing is in itself a sport that requires proper knowledge and training. For some, milder mountains, the risks are less and it may be possible to climb it without special training regimes beforehand, but for others, it can be an endurance sport that requires months of preparation and countless medical checks beforehand.

But in all cases, the risks exist.

The best time to climb mountains are almost invariably in the summer, when temperatures are not as low - but for the big ones that take months to climb, challengers might start in the winter in order to tackle the hardest portions during the mildest weather. Freak accidents like unexpected avalanches do happen however, and kill perfectly trained mountaineers on occasion. It is tragic, but it is the risk that comes with this kind of sport. Of course, most of the time it is a lack of proper knowledge and training or experience that leads to pointless deaths.

At any rate, condolences to the families of the climbers.

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Sorry to hear that.

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Hate to think of them clinging to each other down there under the snow and ice, knowing that rescue will probably not make it in time...

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