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Search for missing livestock ship crew off Japan resumes


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Gulf Livestock 1 was scheduled to reach its destination port of Jintang, China on September 3, but sent a distress call on September 2 after floundering when it collided with TYPHOON NUMBER NINE. Clearly the ship's Master was intent on reaching port ahead of the typhoon -- in effect, attempting to outrace the weather. (First Mate was one of the few survivors and so he can reflect on that decision.) After all, 6000 cows eat a lot and every day spent waiting out the typhoon would have cut into company profits. And so, 35-year-old Filipino captain, how do your profits look now from the bottom of the sea? Those poor helpless animals died in sheer terror, struggling and screaming...they are land animals, not accustomed to nor meant for the ocean...

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3Rensho... the captain was not Filipino. There were two Australians and two Kiwis in the crew. I suspect one of them made the decisions.

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Instead of senseless resuming, whatever that is what is wanted to resume, you better use the time and money to build safer ships and install a more intelligent logistics that doesn’t send helpless people and animals into deep and typhooned sea water in something what is called a ship but in reality was not more than a rusted steel coffin for almost all that were aboard.

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Mr Kipling: The NZ and Australian crew were not sailors; they were employed to look after the live cargo. And I stand by my former assertion (you may search in the public domain).

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. I suspect one of them made the decisions.

Sherlock Holmes you are not Mr Kipling. the ships captain was a 34 yr old father of four Dante Addug from the Phillipines. RIP


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3RENSHOToday  04:43 pm JST

And so, 35-year-old Filipino captain, how do your profits look now from the bottom of the sea?

The ones at whom you should be pointing a finger as far as profits are concerned are the owners of the vessel. The Master only follows directions given, but in this case he did not exercise his right to over ride the orders for the ship's safety.

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doesn’t send helpless people and animals

Only mammals were in cages. People were not helpless. A 1-2 delay would have no effect on all perished.

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Engine stopped and tried for an hour to start but a big hit wave hit broardside and capsized it. This boat had a history of engine failure and propulsion problems.

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Apologies.... I have a friend who worked on oil tankers in the 80s and 90’s.His ships were always UK or European officers and Filipino or Indian crew. Good to hear that things have moved on in the right direction.

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All humans who supported live cargo like this are responsible.

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