Photo: A photo of Misaki Ogura released last September by Yamanashi prefectural police

Search resumes for girl who went missing at Yamanashi campsite one year ago


Yamanashi prefectural police on Monday began a search for a seven-year-old girl who vanished from a campsite on Sept 21 last year.

Misaki Ogura, from Narita in Chiba Prefecture, went missing at around 3:40 p.m. on Sept 21, at a mountainous campsite at Doshimura, Yamanashi Prefecture. No trace of her whereabouts has been found.

Thirty-four police searched the woods near the campsite, including a stream but nothing was found, Fuji TV reported. Misaki’s mother Tomoko handed out flyers with a photo of Misaki on them at the campsite and at a nearby train station. She asked that anyone with even the least bit of information contact police.

Misaki had come to the campsite with her mother and sister in a group of about 30 people. She was last seen running by herself behind some other children after eating snacks. Her mother watched her run off and turn left into the woods. That was the last time anyone saw her. She was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

More than 1,700 police, Self-Defense Force personnel and volunteers searched for her, using tracker dogs and a drone equipped with a sensor capable of detecting body heat. A stream runs through the woods down the mountain but a search downstream proved fruitless. Police also checked nearby farmhouses and empty huts.

Yamanashi prefectural police ended their search on Oct 6. Police said that since Misaki’s disappearance, they have received over 3,700 reports but none turned up any clues as to what happened to the girl.

A two day search was carried out on May 8 this year. Misaki would have turned 8 on May 13.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Yamanashi police at 0554-22-0110.

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It’s very strange there’re any her traces at all.

I heard a news that her mother has gone to the campsite everyday to seek her daughter. The distance is not easy for visiting everyday by car between Chiba prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture.

I hope her daughter “Misaki” is now somewhere with someone.

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The lack of any traces, clothes that could have ripped or even her body, only makes me think that she was kidnapped. And that's worst than perishing of a wound or being eaten by an animal. I hope someone comes through with a clue soon or that she manages to escape.

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Are they hoping that recent hot weather and/or rains will have dislodged her body, as the police in Malaysia are claiming was the case with the young woman who disappeared there last year?

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I was in Doshi last week. The river is shallow. My bet is kidnapping and it was odd someone on social media threatened the mother. She just wants her daughter back. I saw the poster of the girl at Michinoeki.

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Like to see the case files,

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Somebody knows what happened to her. The original search was conducted quickly after her disappearance and extensively. Young girls don’t just vanish in the forest. As sad as it is to say, there’s no doubt in my mind that she met with foul play.

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Missing point, why did the police stop searching in the first place ? and why they resumed?

The fact that nothing has been traced so far points only to one thing, Kidnapping.

I hope she is well, and Safe so she can return to her family soon.

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This is similar to incidents in National Parks in the UK where people go missing mysteriously. Search teams have combed areas a number of times and in certain cases the lost individual turns up alive out of seemingly nowhere. There is no explanation for this but incidents are highlighted on social media channels. Good luck finding this little one.

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The police will only search for her once a year now? On the anniversary of her disappearance?

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I dont understand why they resume the search now. Why did they stop it at that time?

2 ( +3 / -1 )

There are bad men out there. Got to be watchful.

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Missing point, why did the police stop searching in the first place ? and why they resumed?

Ran out of logical places to search early on but like the article said the police have received thousands of tips. None so far have led anywhere, which means they are checking all the tips out in some way, but if the police have been receiving tips regularly it seems logical they are checking one out with a new search.

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They are not really searching... its just an exercise to try to jog peoples memories and keep the story fresh.

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After a year the only thing they are looking for now is a body. There may be a chance to find her remains as a grave may result in an indent in the ground after a year and heavy rainfall that's assuming her body had been disposed of in the area.

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Sad, she is long gone from this world now.

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The forest is actually must bigger than people think. Very easy to go missing without a trace actually in a dense forest like that.

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The police will only search for her once a year now? On the anniversary of her disappearance?

Anniversaries, a very Japanese thing. Shouldn't have stopped searching last year.

Moderator: A massive typhoon prevented an extended search after Oct 6 last year.

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