Seaweed linked to post-menopause cancer risk


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And the environment does not affect health?

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excessive—consumption of seaweed, which accounted on average for about 80% of their iodine intake.

we all said it before, Too much of a good thing is always bad !

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UncleBudah, I agree. Too much of anything is always bad, no? Isn't that what these cancer surveys always come up with? 'Too much of xxxxx leads to cancer'. Tell us something we don't know.

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Sea weed?? Great!! Is there anything that does not cause cancer??

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Up until now we were led to believe that seaweed helped to fortify the thyroid because it contained iodine. I do agree that too much of any good thing can be bad.

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guys,,,,SeaWeed is very healthy(not fukushima area),,,,they are just saying about Post-Menopause ladies on their 49-60+ they cannot have the period, in other words they can not change blood or make new one, they just have to be careful of what they eat, they can have other japanese healthy foods, like Goya! or the simple Umeboshi , very healthy, just not tooo much of seaweed!

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